AEW President Tony Khan Contacted By WWE About Using AEW Talent

While the respective fans of AEW and WWE appear to be at war with one another based on the comments of any wrestling post on social media, it turns out that the people who actually run the two biggest American wrestling companies are very cordial with one another and might even be open to doing some business in the not too distant future.

Tony Khan Has Been In Contact With WWE About Using AEW Talent
AEW President Tony Khan says he has been in contact with WWE, courtesy of AEW.

Appearing on yesterday's episode of My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox, AEW President Tony Khan discussed many topics ahead of last night's AEW Dynamite at UBS Arena in Long Island, NY.  One surprising note that was brought up by Khan was that he has been contacted by WWE recently about using AEW talents in some upcoming WWE productions.


"I heard from them recently. They were doing a lot of biographies and they wanted to use some of the people here and I think that's the thing, it's probably going to come out sooner or later in interviews, or they want to interview some of the people that wrestle here that used to wrestle there, and some people that have had a history in [promotions with] the other libraries that they own. So we'll see, you know, I think — I'm open to talking. I heard from them and they were very nice."

Khan continued that these doors were already opened after current AEW star and former longtime WWE star Chris Jericho appeared on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions (a WWE production) while already with AEW.

"We've heard from [WWE] a couple of other times. We did the thing last year — Chris Jericho did the thing with Steve Austin. That made sense to me because of Steve. I trust Steve and Chris completely. Steve's a friend of mine."

Khan is careful to be non-committal about letting his AEW wrestlers appear, but definitely seems open to the idea and was very appreciative of how WWE contacted him and how those talks have gone thus far.  He does note though that he has yet to speak to his WWE counterpart, Vince McMahon.

"As long as everything's classy, and this, the way they approached me was very classy. So I have nothing bad to say about that. I don't know if we'll see that competition head-to-head, but I am considering some of these requests on some of these biographies. It was actually a very nice call I received the other day, but I've never actually talked to Vince himself."

So while McMahon and Khan have yet to make direct contact, we all know that Vince has never been shy about picking up the phone and speaking directly with even his most heated competition, so I wouldn't be surprised if that happens in the near future, especially if it helps close a deal.

See kids?  Peace, respectful dialogue, and cooperation, even in the wrestling world, are very possible.  With WWE and AEW having nice communication, maybe they can speak with congress soon about how to act decent to others?  Eh, who am I kidding? Pro-wrestling is way beyond politics in terms of human decency.

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