AEW Rampage: Finally Someone Tells the Truth About CM Punk

Eddie Kingston and CM Punk came face to face on AEW Rampage this week, and The Chadster wasn't expecting Eddie Kingston to be so candid about how he feels. The Chadster also has his reservations about CM Punk's return. For example, why didn't Punk return to WWE instead of AEW? After they were nice enough to give him that job on WWE Backstage? Doesn't CM Punk have any respect for the wrestling business?

AEW Rampage: Finally Someone Tells the Truth About CM Punk
Screencap from AEW Rampage

AEW transcribed parts of the promo between the two stars from Rampage. Here's what Kingston had to say about Punk:

Yes, I interrupted the great CM Punk. Oh, God. I'm sorry the fans didn't get Punk against Orange Cassidy but I was at home getting tested because I felt sick. I'm gonna tell everyone the truth who you are. This man was once a hero of mine. Guys like him, Samoa Joe, Homicide, Amazing Red, guys like that on the independents like that inspired me. But you low life, you judged me. I came to that locker room and all you did was judge me. Because I didn't become friends with the booker? Because I like to eat?

You see that? CM Punk fat-shamed Eddie Kingston in the locker room back in the day. The Chadster knew he was a monster! Punk fired back:

I hear a lot of baggage right there. It wasn't just me who judged you. It was me, it was Joe, it was Homicide, it was Danielson, but we judged you because we held you to a higher standard. You're the one who fell short of that mark You can blame a guy like Danielson for beating you in the tournament and you can walk in the back and blame me. I'm the one who saw greatness in you 15 years ago but I'm a fool for holding you to that standard now because you're a bum.

That's when Eddie dropped a true bombshell, revealing that nobody actually wants Punk in the locker room in AEW:

I'm a bum? Nobody wants you here. That whole locker room is afraid to say it. Not me. Stop smirking like you did the other day at me or I'll smack it off your face. Why don't you fight me on the 13th at FULL GEAR?

The Chadster, for one, totally agrees with Eddie Kingston. AEW has beat WWE several times in the ratings since Punk joined the company. The Chadster would definitely prefer that Punk left. The thing is, The Chadster doesn't particularly care for Eddie Kingston either. For a wrestler who didn't even have a run in WWE to connect with the AEW crowd like Kingston does is also disrespectful to The Chadster's beloved WWE.

Unfortunately, the segment on AEW Rampage didn't end the way The Chadster would have preferred: with both men agreeing to return and AEW deciding to shut down and admit that WWE is the best and only wrestling company in the world. Instead, they booked a match between Kingston and Punk for Full Gear. Auggh man! So Unfair!

But the most unfair thing of all was how emotional the segment between the two men was. CM Punk hasn't been in AEW that long so he shouldn't be able to achieve that kind of emotion with someone, but thanks to the skills of both Punk and Kingston on the microphone, AEW really achieved something special in this segment. And like the rest of AEW Rampage, The Chadster absolutely hated it! Watch the segment below.

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