Baron Corbin Accuses Tom Brady of Bribing Super Bowl Referees

WWE superstar Baron Corbin is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, which means yesterday was not a great day for The Ratings King of Friday Nights. Corbin, decked out in a Chiefs jersey and hat, was all set to watch his beloved team win the Super Bowl last night, but he ran into an unexpected difficulty: Tom Brady. And Corbin didn't mince words when discussing the man who would go on to win his seventh Super Bowl ring last night.

Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?
Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?

"It's almost time to put the @Buccaneers in their place!" tweeted Corbin just before the game began. It wouldn't be long before nearly all of Corbin's hopes and dreams were totally crushed. "@Chiefs taking this back to back and I'm saying it now And! back! 3 peat next season ha."

"Won the toss now let's win the game! @Chiefs #chiefskindom," Corbin tweeted as the game started off well for the Chiefs. It wouldn't last long, and Corbin was already compromising by the time The Chiefs failed to score a touchdown on their first drive and were forced to kick a field goal. "I'll take it! 3-0 #Chiefs"

"Lame ass penalty!" Corbin soon tweeted as one of many calls that went against the Chiefs occurred. Corbin had a theory as to why the refs were favoring the Buccanneers. "Guess Brady broke open the Wallet."

"How is that a hold!!!!!! Trash ass ref!" Corbin continued when another call went badly for the Chiefs. He then tweeted a gif of a referee getting hit in the testicles with a football, advocating for that to happen to the refs Sunday night. "This needs to happen! Stop carrying Brady's old ass down the field!"

"This is a joke!" Corbin continued, adding to his claims that the Super Bowl refs accepted bribes. "These refs are paid!"

"Wow a penalty on the bucs," tweeted Corbin sarcastically when a call went in the favor of the Chiefs at one point. "That's the second of the game for them."

Sadly, despite all these allegations, Corbin had no choice but to accept the results, unlike the way another WWE Hall-of-Famer handled an upsetting loss recently. "Win or lose I love my @Chiefs, we've had ups and downs for a long time. I know with @PatrickMahomes leading us we we will be back here many more times. Congrats boys you played your hearts out! #ChiefsKingdom for life! #wwe #CBS #SuperBowl @tkelce @cheetah," tweeted Corbin when the Super Bowl was over. "Ps I hate you TB."

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