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Bayley vs Tamina for SmackDown Women's Title at WWE MitB

We continue with this year's Money in the Bank with the SmackDown Women's Championship. Bayley has been on a roll lately. The SmackDown Women's Champion has had strong matches against a number of the WWE talent. But if she ready for Tamina? Tamina is a dominate in-ring veteran, yet hasn't held a title other than the 24/7 championship.

Bayley started the match by mocking Tamina, telling her being nice won't get her far. This didn't last for long though, with Tamina showing off her brute strength very quickly. Tamina played her role calm, cool, and collected, which contrasted nicely against the childlike taunting of Bayley. The champ got the upper hand eventually by throwing Tamina's leg into the ring post — Bayley would then go for the injured leg to keep Tamina down.

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley takes on Tamina at Money in the Bank, courtesy of WWE.
SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley takes on Tamina at Money in the Bank, courtesy of WWE.

Bayley did look strong at several times through the night. Of course, when you're in a match with a veteran it's to your advantage. Tamina eventually got the upper hand when Bayley threw water in her face, throwing the SmackDown champ around the ring and then into the announcers' table. Bayley sold every move beautifully well, though really gravity doesn't take a day off, and being thrown into a table does hurt.

Tamina looked incredible through this match. Unfortunately, the champ would retain her title, due in part to interference and distractions by Sasha Banks. Story-wise I could see Tamina going after Bayley and Banks in an eventual two on one for the title — but I have a feeling we won't get lucky enough to see that. Chances are we'll see Banks stab Bayley in the back again, taking the title for herself.

Tamina absolutely deserves a run with either of the women's titles. Hopefully, her time will come. What did you think of this match? Should Tamina have won? Let us know in the comments below!

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