Bob's Burgers: Gene Belcher Steals the Spotlight in Our 5 Fav Episodes

The brother of the Belcher clan, Gene Belcher, has many moments in FOX's Bob's Burgers where he grabs the spotlight but there are a few select episodes that take the cake. From musical talents to comedic timing on his commentary with his family, Gene Belcher steps outside of the mold given to boys his age in other shows. Breaking the mold of gendered expectations, Gene is able to see the world and navigate his way through it in a way that changes the views of the very audience witnessing his journey through childhood.

Bob's Burgers: 5 Fav Episodes Where Gene Belcher Steals The Show
Gene Belcher aims to impress for a school musical. Source: FOX

Below are five favorite episodes centered around a story or moment in time involving the baby boy Belcher.

"O.T.: The Outside Toilet" Season 3 Episode 15: In this episode of Bob's Burgers, Gene finds himself on a walk home through a small patch of forest between school and the apartment. In walking to his destination, he comes across something odd…a smart toilet. Fit with lights and an oddly smooth voice, Gene finds himself attached to the machine and his journey to protect it from a thief makes the whole episode a classic.

"Gene It On" Season 4 Episode 20: When Tina decides to go try out for the cheerleading team at school, an enthusiastic and supportive Gene is there for her in the stands. What Gene doesn't realize and comes to find out, is that he might just be a better cheerleader than his sister, or so he thinks. The enthusiasm of Linda and the encouraging nature of the family is something not to miss in this Bob's Burgers episode. 

"Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl" Season 5 Episode 1: The season five opener for Bob's Burgers gives us a memorable musical combining the randomness of Die Hard and Working Girl. Gene finds he must promote his vision of a Die Hard musical on his own when his idea isn't picked for the school's musical. Competing with Courtney and her father's concept of a Working Girl musical, everything gets chaotic and iconic.

"Stand By Gene" Season 6 Episode 12: Not all siblings and friends can be as supportive as the ones Gene has, and that rings especially true for this episode. Gene hears of a mysterious "two-butted" goat that lives on a farm not far off and he enlists his sisters and friends to join him in the random and fantastic journey.

"Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien" Season 8 Episode 8: In this episode of Bob's Burgers, Gene Belcher finds himself disapproving of a fast-growing favorite game of the schoolyard. As someone who likes the peaceful laziness of recess, the focus on this almost dodgeball-like game by all the other kids has his anxiety on high. The episode packs in a fantastic lesson of letting people enjoy the non-competitive and odd pieces of life outside the popular ones.

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