Bob's Burgers Season 11 Review: Bob's Insecurities Twinkle Brightly

The holiday spirit and a yacht club misadventure by Jimmy Pesto have joined the Belcher family in this episode of FOX's Bob's Burgers. When Bob is invited to be a part of the catering for a "Christmas yacht parade" at the local yacht club, little does he know but the recommendation for his food came from an unlikely source…Jimmy Pesto. As Bob is sure that Pesto has it out for him in the form of a prank or an embarrassing public moment, the kids sneakily attempt to obtain presents from Santa's yacht.

Bob's Burgers Finds Christmas In 'Yachty Or Nice' Episode: Review
The Belcher family arrives at the Yacht club. Source: Fox

The Yacht Santa is just Teddy in a cheap beard and costume, and he's the one thing truly standing in the way by addressing the kids' conscience as they try to skip the forming line of kids waiting. Meanwhile, a joyful and hopeful Linda simply helps out with catering while openly wishing to give the mayor a burger…and maybe even start a podcast.

While this wasn't something that would make it into my top Christmas episodes of Bob's Burgers, it had its' moments for sure. The lessons established towards the end, from assuming the worst of people to how to practice being selfless, gave a relatable connection to the audience. But the problems came when some moments fell flat. We've seen an episode not too long ago in the series revolving around the breakdown of Jimmy and Bob's feud when one took medicine to the other after surgery. This Christmas episode felt like the wrong one to place in this type of storyline and it took out the special qualities of a Bob's Burgers holiday episode. The funniest portions involved the character with less opportunity to shine, Linda. If one change should be made, it might be best to include more of the family together in an episode like this rather than split up their screen time. No series is perfect, and developing a season in times like these it's impressive, to say the least. As holiday gifts go, this outing wasn't socks but it wasn't a laptop, either.

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