Bob's Burgers Season 11 Review: Revenge of the Wheelie Mammoth

FOX's Bob's Burgers brought back a memory with their latest episode, "An Incon-Wheelie-ent Truth", as the family attends a local flea market. This one was directed by Simon Chong, making it the third official episode of the series with him as the head director of an episode. The recently aired episode on FOX dived into the question over whatever happened to the wheelie mammoth that found its way into the Belcher living room at the end of season 9 episode 2, "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three". In that last episode, the kids along with their friends attempt to win the big hairy mammoth on wheels, and Louise eventually does so.

Bob's Burgers
The Belchers approach the local flea market in the recent season 11 episode. Source: FOX

The current story goes over a lie Linda and Bob told the kids involving what actually happened to the obstructive stuffed animal. They're confronted by it at the exact flea market they brought the kids to, and they seek to distract the kids and get it out any way they can.


Revolving around the necessary and unnecessary lies parents may have to tell their kids to keep harder things away, Bob and Linda go above and beyond. They're actions and effort may have been somewhat futile in the end, but they showed how much they care about not only the importance of their own sanity (not having a giant stuffed animal in a tiny apartment) but for their kids feelings as well. A hilarious portion of this Bob's Burgers episode had to be the involvement of Gayle helping Linda get the mammoth to the roller rink and the eventual reveal that her goldfish was never immortal. Another fun part of the episode was the animation of Chong himself as a character manning a booth at the flea market. This episode has some great callbacks and the randomness we'd come to expect from the life of the Belcher family. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this episode!

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