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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Romances The Beef & Our Hearts: Review

When it comes to the ups and downs of romance, FOX's Bob's Burgers finds itself as a perfect spot for a late Valentine's laugh. Involving an attempt at making the restaurant into a last-minute reservation spot for couples on this romantic holiday, the Belcher family experiences some hiccups. The big hiccup becomes a temperamental Hugo (a.k.a. Hugo the health inspector) who awaits a no-show date set up by his mother. Although not typically a romantic spot, the family burger joint does its best at rearranging some seats to fit the mood.

Bob's Burgers Season 11 Romances The Beef & Our Hearts: Review
Louise and Gene attempt to impress V-day customers. Source: Fox

The commentary on weighing the pros and cons of big romantic gestures or what constitutes as romance is a cool thing to see in Bob's Burgers. This episode was worth the wait in my opinion, it did a good job of reminding us why we find ourselves loving Bob and Linda as a healthy example of a relationship. 

This season of Bob's Burgers has done a good job at bringing attention back to the heart of what they were able to produce before the pandemic. Following the ins and outs of the Belcher family's lives can be mundane in any other situation, but the animation, voice talents, and creative script work make it a standard for other shows. It also feels fantastic to see a show that embraces the point of romantic moments not having to revolve around big purchases and gestures. Instead, we're reminded of what love should be in the end scene with Bob and Linda confessing to the restaurant and each other their favorite things about the other person. Hugo finds himself approached by the date he thought was a goner, and it felt cringe-like but sweet. There's someone for everyone out there according to Bob's Burgers and that's a perfect message to go with for this season's Valentine's Day episode. Let us know in the comments what you enjoyed or disliked about the recent episode!

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