Broken Clock is Right: Corey Graves Says Rock Band Rush "Sucks"

It's not often that ol' Jude Terror agrees with something said by WWE's resident hipster, Corey Graves, but that Bobby the Brain Heenan wannabe actually made some sense this weekend when he said what we've been saying for years about Canadian rock band Rush: they suck.  Graves took to Twitter to reveal his opinion, which he likened to Canadian blasphemy.

Corey Graves and Michael Cole terrorize the eardrums of viewers of WWE Friday Night Smackdown with their "commentary"
Corey Graves and Michael Cole terrorize the eardrums of viewers of WWE Friday Night Smackdown with their "commentary"

"This is probably some sort of blasphemy (Canadian), but Rush sucks," Graves tweeted. "It's like your uncle and his accountant friends started a 'metal' band."

Graves is right, of course. The argument Rush fans make when they try to evangelize the band is that the trio are extremely accomplished and talented musicians, but no Rush fan can actually make the argument that the band "rocks." Graves nails that aspect of Rush fandom as well in a follow-up tweet.

"I don't 'disrespect' them," Graves said. "They're amazing musicians. I'm just saying that being great at technical music doesn't make me 'feel' anything."

When a Rush fan accused Graves of trying to hurt him, Graves responded: "No, but if your pain comes from a stark realization of the truth, then yes." He also shot down a fan jokingly pretending Graves was talking about former WWE star Lio Rush, responding, "Don't. I like Lio. He was always a gem to me."

Graves' correct opinion on Rush has garnered a lot of heat online, with even Kevin Kelly commenting, "That's heat."

But though Corey Graves may have angered fans of Rush with his tweet, he has also tapped into a network of Rush haters that appreciate him speaking the uncomfortable truth. At press time, Graves's tweet has triple the number of likes as it does comments.

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