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Sheamus plans to raise a warm glass of urine to Jeff Hardy

Carmella Shocker: Another WWE Star Reveals Urine Fetish

Carmella and Corey Graves discussed the subject on an episode of their Bare With Us podcast, with Carmella coming out in favor of golden showers All four Superstars are members of the WWE Smackdown roster, making one wonder just what it is about the blue brand that's created such a fascination with yellow.[caption id="attachment_1224501" align="aligncenter"[...]

Corey Graves says farewell to NXT: WWE NXT, Feb. 1, 2017

Speculation on Why Corey Graves Quit and Returned to Twitter

Earlier this week, we reported that Corey Graves had run from Twitter like a scalded dog, closing down his account Graves has been critical of the service in the past, saying in 2018, "Unfortunately, social media has become a very toxic place People don't know where to draw the line It's become more exhausting than[...]

Corey Graves says farewell to NXT: WWE NXT, Feb. 1, 2017

WWE's Corey Graves Flees Twitter Like a Scalded Dog

WWE announcer Corey Graves has a self-cultivated reputation as a guy who speaks his mind, even if what he has to say is controversial.. so long as it's approved by his bosses at WWE, of course Styling himself as a modern-day Bobby Heenan, Graves is the voice of WWE Smackdown on Fox and the host[...]

Corey Graves' Wife Accuses WWE Commentator of Affair with Superstar

Professional wrestling has had a long tradition of having real life "storylines" that sometimes eclipse the stories being told in the ring - and in the age of social media, that "proud tradition" continues to burn along brighter than ever.[caption id="attachment_976065" align="alignnone" width="1200"] WWE[/caption]Case in point: Corey Graves, ex-NXT professional wrestler and current WWE commentator[...]

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WWE's Corey Graves Promises the Pompadour Will Be Back

After being distraught over the lack of pompadour on Corey Graves during last week's Monday Night RAW, Graves soothed my aching soul, assuring me (and, frankly, all of us) that his hair just needed a break. hardest-working hair in the WWE does indeed deserve a much-needed rest, so I can't argue with that[...]

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An Ode to Corey Graves's Perfect Pompadour

Finn Balor, The New Day, and Corey Graves -- specifically his pompadour Normally he rocks one helluva pomp, which complements his tattoos and snark perfectly well It also helps that he's easy on the eyes.'s a few more pics just to illustrate the hair. his action figure has the pomp. last night on RAW, the pomp[...]

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Booker T Says His Fake Feud With Corey Graves Proves Wrestling Is Still Alive

The feud between Booker T and Corey Graves is over, and as it turns out, shockingly it was all a work The feud started when Booker claimed on his radio show/podcast that Graves was the reason he was fired from the Raw commentary team and replaced by Jonathan Coachman Booker said that WWE officials were afraid[...]

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Booker T and Corey Graves Feud Blowoff Set for Podcast Tomorrow

The epic real-life feud between former WWE Raw announcer Booker T and current Raw and Smackdown announcer Corey Graves is set to come to a head tomorrow on Booker T's radio show and podcast Booker was replaced in his commentary role last month by a returning Jonathan Coachman, but according to Booker, it was all[...]

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Corey Graves Basically Admits He Got Booker T Fired from Raw Commentary Team

In a shocking twist following yesterday's accusations by former Monday Night Raw commentator Booker T that he lost his job because WWE was afraid he would beat up fellow announcer Corey Graves, Graves took to Twitter to make a post alluding to the controversy, implying that he did indeed cost Booker his job."I wouldn’t necessarily[...]

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Major WWE Star Will Return to Join Commentary Team on Mixed Match Challenge

Byron Saxton and Renee Young broke the news in a Facebook video whose poor audio quality and unstable camera hopefully don't represent what we can expect to see from the new show, though we suppose it would add authenticity to a program airing exclusively on social media.Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and WWE Hall-of-Famer Beth Phoenix[...]


The Weekly Static (9/8/17): A Look Back At This Week In TV Land

Yup, I said it.See ya on Sunday!Corey Graves To Replace JBL On SmackDown Live Announce TeamWWE knows they have something in Graves, though he would've been huge as a wrestler if he wasn't forced by health issues to step away from the squared circle Still, on the mic the guy is money...which is why I'm[...]

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Corey Graves To Replace JBL On SmackDown Live Announce Team

WWE likes talent to arrive at TV events a day early, which JBL found inconvenient since he lives in Bermuda.In any case, JBL is out, and according to, Corey Graves is in! Graves will take over JBL's role on Smackdown while continuing his role on the RAW announce team, as well Meanwhile, Nigel McGuiness[...]