Carmen Sandiego: Netflix Series Goes Nicolas Cage in Season 4 Trailer

The trailer for season 4 of the Netflix reboot of classic franchise Carmen Sandiego is here, and honestly, it's gone a long way to making 2021 better than its predecessor already. The fourth season drops on January 15, which is super soon! Warning: we'll be throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign because there will be some "spoilery" stuff, but you can catch up on the first three seasons and special right here or on Netflix.

Carmen Sandiego (Image: Netflix)
Carmen Sandiego (Image: Netflix)

In the trailer, we see lots of interesting story points – we see Graham (aka Crackle, who had his memory erased after failing to capture Carmen for VILE) sitting in an ACME facility – are they recruiting him? Are they after Graham to get to Carmen, who ACME is still not quite sure where her loyalties lie. Speaking of Carmen herself, we see Carmen and the team operating without Player, as he actually goes to school – in person and all!

It also looks like VILE has gone full-on Delos and created an army of robot thieves, who seem to undercut Carmen at every turn. Carmen is still tracking down information on her mother, and some kind of a treasure is teased – did Carmen Sandiego just go full National Treasure and will we get an episode with our heroes being more clever than VILE and getting to the treasure first? Will Zac and Ivy complain about their one percent of one percent?

Okay, so clearly I've seen National Treasure a lot, but I am absolutely here for scrappy VILE fighting for existence and their criminal empire and Carmen and crew blocking them at every turn. Oh! And we also get more bumbling ACME shenanigans, which I live for. It's like an episode of Tom and Jerry, but without all the needless cartoon violence.

Now, we don't know when we're going to be graced with season 4, but if the show delivers what the trailer promises, I absolutely cannot wait for the fourth season of Carmen Sandiego. C'mon, Netflix – is there any way you can make January 15 get here sooner?

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