Crunchyroll Kicks-Off Comic-Con @ Home With a Bunch of Announcements

In 50 years of SDCC, we all globally get to experience a first together: SDCC at Home. With it, Crunchyroll kicks-off with its first VIP, Virtual Industry Panel with Adam Sheehan (Director of Events), and Lauren Stevens (Event Manager). It honestly felt like I was in a panel room with the loud music and the room dark around me; the only thing missing was the hundreds of fans cheering along with me. I kinda got goosebumps watching because it felt like such an excellent way of bringing SDCC and fans together, and for a moment, it feels like I am not as alone in the midst of social isolation.

Crunchyroll, the anime streaming service, is known for including over 1000 titles and over 30000 episodes in its online library in over 200 countries in 8 different languages (I wonder when I will get the Latin American Spanish version here in the US, ahem). They recently teamed up with HBO Max and will be going digital for Crunchyroll Expo this year.

The official logo for Crunchyroll
The official logo for Crunchyroll.

They quickly moved to announce new titles coming to the streaming service: Rent a Girlfriend, a story about a boy who gets dumped and turns to a mobile app to rent a new one. Things turn around when he gives a bad rating, and a jealous ex appears. They also announced The God of High School, a Crunchyroll original that is based on the Webtoon Web Comic, where three fighters compete against Korea's strongest in a tournament. They each specialize in a different style of martial arts, and each has its personal agenda as a driving force.

Stevens also reminded us Food Wars is coming back with season 5, bringing some changes and new enemies with it. They announced Gibiate, as well- a new project about samurais and ninjas, where they embark on a dangerous journey to fight monsters created by a mysterious illness. The project was put together by some of Japan's big talent, including Yoshitaka Amano, Naoki Serizawa, Yuzo Koshiro, Shinya, Yoshida Brothers… The animation for it is simply stunning. The next announcement was the upcoming season 3 for My Team Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

If you liked Tower of God, Crunchyroll announced a new original coming to the streaming service: Onix Equinox. The story about a young boy who loses his sister to sacrifice and attempts to end his own life. However, he is chosen by the gods to fulfill a new destiny– he must close the five main gates to the underworld and with it becoming the champion of humanity. If he succeeds in his mission, he is promised they would bring his sister back. But his actions will determine the fate of humanity in the end. The animation for this one looks genuinely out of this world. I cannot wait to watch this one.

They announced Solma the Spider coming to Crunchyroll on 2021, another original about a high school girl who found herself reincarnated as a spider monster in a fantasy world. There will also be another original called EX-Arm. As well as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime OAD 4, with OAD 5 coming out in November. And a few other shows coming out: Tonikawa, With a Dog and a Cat Everyday is Fun, A Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter, Monster Girl Doctor. Three new manga titles were also announced, starting with Ashidaka by Ryo Sumiyoshi. Also, my top favorite in the world, Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card and Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm.

It was an excellent panel to kick off the con with today. I enjoyed seeing the anime bits, and even having to be socially distant; I still felt like I was back at a convention.