Cunk on Earth: Diane Morgan Reprising Character for BBC/Netflix Comedy

Cunk on Earth is the new mockumentary comedy series featuring Philomena Cunk, the hilariously thick pundit and commentator created by and played by British comedian Diane Morgan. It marks Cunk's return to the BBC and this time Netflix is co-producing it, which means Cunk will be streaming worldwide to warp the eyeballs and brains of many more viewers across the world instead of just the UK!

Cunk on Earth: Diane Morgan Reprising Character In BBC-Netflix Comedy
Programme Name: Cunk on Britain – TX: n/a – Episode: n/a (No. Generics) – Picture Shows: Philomena Cunk (DIANE MORGAN) – (C) House of Tomorrow – Photographer: Adam Lawrence, "Cunk on Earth" coming soon

Cunk on Earth will be about – what else? – Philomena Cunk trying to unlock the mystery of human civilization and discover humankind's greatest achievements and getting it hilariously, epically, surreally wrong. Morgan originally created the character on Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe and yearly Wipe shows on the BBC during the 2010s. She spun off into her own show, Cunk on Britain, on BBC 2. With the new BBC-Netflix series, Cunk will set her sights on the whole world instead of just the UK.

Brooker and Annabel Jones' company Broke & Bones is producing Cunk on Earth. Morgan was most recently seen in the Netflix comedy special Death to 2021 playing someone who's a lot less thick than Cunk but still kind of clueless. To have Cunk back in her spectacular wrongheadedness will be glorious.

From virtually nothing to virtual reality, Cunk on Earth will cover humanity's greatest inventions such as the wheel, the Mona Lisa, and nuclear power. Once again, she will ask real-life experts hard-hitting questions about humanity's progress, as well as standing near impressive old ruins, or inside museums and getting everything gloriously wrong.

Brooker will be co-writing and exec producing, with Ben Caudell, Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris also writing, and Jones & Ali Marlow also executive producing. "A huge thank you to Diane and the incredibly talented team at Broke & Bones for braving everything from Ancient Rome to the wilds of Silicon Valley in this fantastic new series," said BBC Head of Comedy Tanya Qureshi, who is commissioning editor on the show.

Recently, Morgan has played a relatively normal yet funny person in the hit sitcom Motherland and created and starred in the insane Mandy playing the amazingly disastrous lead character whose attempts to find a job or get on in life frequently end with a large body count. And yes, the show used Barry Manilow's ballad as its theme song. Cunk on Earth reunites Morgan with her greatest comic creation.

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