Darby Allin Descends from the Rafters to Join Sting in AEW Beatdown

Darby Allin returned to AEW Dynamite tonight after being out of action for a couple weeks after Team Taz put him in a body back and dragged him around a parking lot from the back of a truck. Allin returned to join Sting in getting revenge on Team Taz, as Sting was also powerbombed by Brian Cage last week. Allin arrived by riding a zip line down from the top of the arena to the ring. To be fair, the members of team Taz may have been distracted because Sting had already kidnapped Taz's son, Hook.

Darby Allin descends from the rafters on AEW Dynamite to join sting in a revenge beatdown on the members of Team Taz.
Darby Allin descends from the rafters on AEW Dynamite to join sting in a revenge beatdown on the members of Team Taz.

The return occurred after Team Taz's Cage and Ricky Starks faced the Varsity Blondes in a tag team match on Dynamite. The illustrious El Presidente captured the moment in his unique style in Bleeding Cool's AEW Dynamite report:

Brian Cage and Ricky Starks vs. The Varsity Blondes

Taz gets on commentary for this match. So what is the verdict on Brian Pillman Jr., comrades? Is the mullet really back? Your El Presidente has been thinking about growing one, but my protege is always saying, "Your Excellency, an El Presidente of your stature shouldn't be seen to have hair that is a party in the back. It should be business all around!" I nearly had him executed last week, but I just can't stay mad at Maduro. Cage and Starks dominate in this match and Cage gets the pin on one of the blondes.

Winners: Team Taz

One of Darby Allin's trademark black and white videos with Allin getting out of a body bag after being dragged behind a car plays. Then Sting comes out to the stage dragging a body bag. He opens it and Taz's son Hook is in the bag. "What the hell kind of shit is this?!" Taz says. Darby Allin zip lines down to the ring with a skateboard. He and Sting beat the hell out of Cage and Starks and Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Cage and then a Scorpion Death Drop.

It's hard to imagine anything on NXT topping that tonight, but we're sure they'll try their best. Check back later for full reports from both shows.

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