Dave Bautista Trashes Ron DeSantis Over Vaccine Mandate Opposition

Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista lashed out at Ron DeSantis over the Florida Governor and 2024 Republican presidential hopeful's stance on vaccine mandates, which is that he doesn't like them. Bautista, who has expanded his long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump after Trump was pinned clean by Joe Biden in the main event of the 2020 Election PPV and also lost his rematch during the failed coup attempt on January 6th, has particular disdain for DeSantis, whom he has called "a f**king disgrace" and said, "this hack is not a leader." Additionally, The Animal has pointed out that no matter how much DeSantis sucks up to him, Donald Trump will never sleep with DeSantis.

Dave Bautista has no love for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an ally of Bautista's mortal enemy, fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump
Dave Bautista has no love for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an ally of Bautista's mortal enemy, fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump

Governor DeSantis, in hopes of gaining the support of the followers of Donald Trump, has taken to infringing on the former presidents gimmicks in multiple ways. One of those ways is by opposing COVID-19 safety measures, such as vaccine mandates in Florida schools.

When it was pointed out that vaccines for other diseases have been mandated by schools for decades, Bautista took the opportunity to fire back at Governor DeSantis and his policies.

But Dave Bautista may have an unlikely ally in his battle against Governor DeSantis. The Animal was pleased to learn that Republican operative Roger Stone is considering running against DeSantis if DeSantis doesn't launch an investigation into voter fraud in the 2020 election. And as far as The Animal is concerned, the enemy of his enemy… well, they're still enemies, but maybe it can help Bautista in his quest to get Nikki Fried elected in Florida.

At press time, Governor DeSantis had not responded to Bautista's tweets, but we'll be keeping an eye on the situation as always and will keep you posted if anything changes.

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