Disco Inferno Hates Lance Storm's Idea for a Wrestling Video Game

Former WCW star Disco Inferno doesn't believe people would be interested in playing a wrestling video game where the players work together to create a five-star match. Despite support from respected wrestling Lance Storm, who came up with the idea, Disco Inferno disagrees that the idea can be taken seriously.

Disco Inferno is leading a boycott against AEW on Twitter. (Image: WWE)
Disco Inferno is leading a boycott against AEW on Twitter. (Image: WWE)

Lance Storm took to Twitter this weekend to announce his idea of a video game geared toward "smarks," the hardcore fans of pro wrestling that follow all the backstage gossip on the internet and appreciate the sport for its artistic merits rather than its fictional storyline.

"Has there ever been a wrestling video game where you and your 'opponent' work together in an attempt to have a great match, rather than win?" wondered Lance Storm on Twitter. "I suggested this back when we did the Acclaim game for ECW. Come up with an algorithm to determine scores. Aim for high score not wins."

"I was never a gamer but the few times I played wrestling games I wanted to cooperate so we could get cooler stuff done," Storm added.

"You have to be joking…" tweeted Disco Inferno.

But while Disco Inferno may not be a fan of Lance Storm's wrestling video game for smarks idea, one video game expert likes it: Xavier Woods. Though Woods mostly liked the opportunity to try to convince Storm to play a tabletop wrestling game instead. He tweeted, "I don't know of a 'video' game but there's a tabletop (dungeons and dragons type of game) group that has that mechanic in it. You can either help your opponent in the match or sandbag them, it's pretty awesome."

So who's right in this epic battle of opinions? The Chadster would like offer a third option: a wrestling game where you play a wrestling fan. Instead of participating in the matches, you just cheer or boo according to how WWE would like you to react while your wife Keighleyanne texts with Gary on the couch. Now that's a video game The Chadster could get behind.

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