Doctor Who: HBO Max Looks at What Makes Each Doctor THE Doctor

It's been a while since we had a Doctor Who compilation video, and suddenly HBO Max has jumped into the pool with their own. This one lists the Doctor's common personality traits across three different incarnations and actors. This seems to be HBO Max's first Doctor Who video compilation. Of course, they have a different style and sensibility from the team that puts together the videos for the BBC's official Doctor Who channel. HBO Max is the US home for all the episodes of the revived show from the 2005 episodes to the present, and its spinoffs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Doctor Who: The Next Doctors Should be Women
Image: BBC

What's odd here is that it focuses on the last three doctors: Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker. No mention of Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant. Eccleston is still the most adult, underrated, and underappreciated Doctor of the current era. His season was shown before BBC America really got going and its appearance on US cable TV was scant and obscure. Tennant probably needs no introduction to fans. His first season was the one that really attracted eyeballs in the US and attracted the show's real target audience, which was a young female geek audience. The 10th Doctor became the internet's first Science Fiction Geek Boyfriend just as social media became a big thing in fan engagement for determining a show's global popularity. Tennant remains the most popular doctor amongst female fans worldwide, especially in the US. Perhaps it's time to give some love to the Doctors after him. Maybe that's the purpose of this video compilation.

So yes, the Doctor is always the same person deep down, regardless of appearance, outward personality or gender. The Doctor is an archetype of a different kind of hero: a pacifist who out-thinks the bad guys without shooting them with guns. A trickster who uses a clownish persona to hide a deep, dark rage and need to do good. A hero who's afraid of not being good enough, who has to do their damnedest to do the most good.

HBO Max is not the best at promoting shows that aren't their own high-profile productions. How many fans even know the show is all on HBO Max now? This video seems to be an effort to let people know.

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