Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Colin Baker Offers Olly Alexander Thoughts

Now that Russell T. Davies is returning as showrunner for Doctor Who, speculation that Olly Alexander would be the next Doctor has heated up again.  Colin Baker, who played the 6th Doctor from 1984 to 1986, was interviewed by asked his opinion. "I think that would be too obvious for him," Baker said.

Doctor Who: 6th Doctor Colin Baker Weighs in on Olly Alexander
Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor in "Doctor Who", courtesy of BBC America

"Mind you, he did cast David Tennant after working with him, so who knows? I don't know Olly's work to be honest, so I can't comment," Baker added. "But if Russell thought he was the right person, then he's the right person! I wouldn't argue with Russell."

Alexander responded to the Doctor Who rumours back in June, with his management saying in a statement: "Even though Olly is often contacted by Cybermen, I'm afraid I have to exterminate this speculation. As nice as it is to see interest in this story regenerate, it just isn't true.

"As Ood as it might sound, Olly is focusing on his music, for the time being."

We actually said that Alexander becoming the next Doctor would be too obvious here twice! Alexander gave a breakout performance in Davies' acclaimed drama about the emergence of the AIDS Crisis in the 1980s Years and Years. He became a hot name and, like previous years' hot names like Julian Clary and Eddie Izzard, became a tabloid favourite for the next Doctor. This was all in the name of selling more tabloids and now clickbait. That's why it would be too obvious. Baker seems to feel the same way.

You could argue that casting an LGBTQ actor to play the Doctor would be a leap in representation and inclusivity, and Davies certainly isn't shy about his agenda to be more inclusive in all his work. He's certainly one of the most inclusive TV writers and showrunners in the UK. And he tends to cast actors he had worked with before. However, Alexander is too obvious a choice because he's too big a name. Traditionally, the BBC and Doctor Who showrunners' trick has always been to pick an unexpected name. None of the Doctors were ever an expected choice. Every single one of them over the last 60 years has been a surprise. Even in the modern era, nobody expected Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker to be announced as the Doctor. Of that list Tennant and Smith were up-and-comers but relative unknowns who became big stars as a result. It's possible that Davies might do that again.

Or maybe not. Maybe Davies will choose Olly Alexander after all to give us a cheeky, camp Doctor. Who knows?

The lesson here is, never trust any clickbait articles and wait for the official announcement from the BBC to see if you're right.

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