Drag Race Holland Season Finale Review: And Our Winner Is…

We've finally made it to the final four queens in this week's Drag Race Holland finale! Ma'Ma Queen, Miss Abby OMG, Envy Peru, and Janey Jacke are all hoping to walk away with the crown and title, but only one will (we hope). Last week's double save was enough doubles for the season – it's not "Drag Race: Twins Edition."

Starting off, host and main judge Fred van Leer brought back all the eliminated queens…but for what? Shade? Moral support? Totally not the latter seeing as they're mostly all salty that Abby is in the finale. Girlfriend spent three consecutive weeks lip syncing for her life and sent home a ton of better queens – her report card just isn't what it should be. But I still hold out hope that Envy and Janey will mop the floor with her. Regardless of my feelings of who I think deserves to be here, the four queens are tasked with performing a RuPaul medley, choreographed by Gerald van Windt and his assistant Frank.

Drag Race Holland S01E06 Review (Image: WOW Presents)
Drag Race Holland S01E06 Review (Image: WOW Presents)

The runway theme is, of course, "best drag," as always, but before that the queens were guests on Fred and Nikkie Plessen's podcast. They each got in-depth about love, identity, and what winning would mean to them. I especially loved Ma'Ma Queen's outpouring about their non-binary journey. The RuPaul lip sync extravaganza was okay, but the real wow-factor this week was the final "best drag" runways. Janey strutted out on that runway and I was absolutely GAGGED – her look was full on Victoria's Secret angel and girl, did she just look absolutely sickening. She nailed this look the house down, mama. Abby's look was black widow chic and it's good, but especially coming right after Janey, it was just…whelming. I'm not overwhelmed, not overwhelmed, just…whelmed.

Speaking of black chic couture looks, Envy came out in a Dita Von Teese-inspired look consisting of a bunny suit, feather headdress, and a full floor length cape with a train. Abby, pay attention because this is how you do an all-black dramatic show-stopping runway. And of course, Ma'Ma Queen brought us color, feathers, and fur in the best expression of themself. Ma'Ma is straight up a fierce and fabulous bird of paradise and I am living for all this color. I do have to say though, Janey's look is still my favorite of the night, I don't care what the judges say or if it is from 1994 – the nineties are back in full force, baby!

It was emotional watching the final queens be picked off, especially Ma'Ma Queen, who never really stood a chance at winning the title, but she came in third and that's really good. I'm glad to see they made it this far in the competition and the judges actually embraced such a wild, unique, individual queen. In the end it was between Envy Peru and Janey Jacke, and the final lip sync battle (to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way") is nothing short of F-I-E-R-C-E. Envy owned that stage and she gave me serious Jan Sport vibes with that dark hair in the classic brush out and her electric performance. Janey's performance was good, but there was just no matching Envy's extraordinary performance. In the end, our winner and first Holland's Next Drag Superstar is Envy Peru!

Overall, Drag Race Holland was good but just doesn't feel quite as complete as its American counterpart. It quells the appetite for more Drag Race a bit, but I still can't wait until season 13 comes out. The Dutch queens are still great both look, personality, and artistry wise, but the editing isn't quite as on point, the challenges aren't as well covered, and the drama isn't as scandalous, salacious, nor are the personalities as big as the U.S. Drag Race, though I'm sure part of that is owing to the culture difference.

Drag Race Holland has been a fun one to keep up with – congrats again to our very first Dutch Drag Superstar, Envy Peru! Whenever RuPaul is back with original flavor Drag Race, you can find me right here spilling all the tea week after week.

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