Ruby Rose as Batwoman in Batwoman, courtesy of The CW.

Batwoman Season 1 Finale Preview: Kate and Alice's Worlds Unravel

We reached this season's finale, and there are still some major issues to be addressed in "O, Mouse!" From the preview images, promo, and episode overviews that follow, it's clear that Kate, Jacob (Dougray Scott), and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) have another family trait in common: their ability to find themselves in over their heads at[...]

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.

The Flash Season 6 Finale Preview: Can Barry Save Iris In Time?

After a season that saw thunderbolts of drama come crashing down both on-screen and off, The CW's The Flash is speeding its way toward its sooner-than-expected sixth finale, "Success is Assured" On the plus side, they head into the episode with Barry (Grant Gustin) having repaired his "Crisis"-damaged friendship with Hartley Rathaway (Andy Mientus) aka[...]

After eight seasons, Carrie has one last card left to play on the series finale of Homeland, courtesy of Showtime.

Homeland Series Finale Preview Teases Final Saul, Carrie Face-Off

After eight tension-filled, bullet-ridden seasons of Showtime's Homeland, this Sunday marks the end of a cable television era with series finale "Prisoners of War." With how things look heading into the final hours, there's a very good chance that Sunday could also mark the end for Carrie (Claire Danes) or Saul (Mandy Patinkin), or both[...]

Jimmy's looking for answers on Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC.

Better Call Saul Season 5 Previews "Something Unforgivable" Coming

Now what? With season finale "Something Unforgivable," Kim is looking to pro bono cases as she and Jimmy begin looking to the future Unfortunately, we're not sure the concept of a "future" is in Nacho's (Michael Mando) future after Lalo invites him down to Mexico, as you're about to see in the following preview images[...]

The trophy on display during the season finale episode of LEGO Masters, courtesy of FOX.

LEGO Masters Offers Finale Filled with Friendly and Familiar Faces

Our teams even went to a "galaxy far, far away" for a battle of good versus evil.[caption id="attachment_1193492" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Contestants in the "Finale" season finale episode of LEGO Masters, courtesy of FOX.[/caption]For our final edition, our teams are faced with entirely new (and possibly effective) distractions, as eliminated contestants return along with our remaining[...]

Jay reflects back on the years with his family in Modern Family, courtesy of ABC.

Modern Family Co-Creators Comment on Spinoff Possibilities

After 11 seasons, the series shuffled off the network's programming coil with a two-part finale that found a way to balance bringing closure to a number of series-long storylines while opening a number of new chapters for our favorite families Mitch, Cam, Lily, and Rexford are off to start a new life in Missouri after[...]

Phil, Mitch, Cam, Claire, Jay, Gloria, and the rest of the family gather for another group hug selfie on Modern Family, courtesy of ABC.

Modern Family Series Finale Brings Emotional Closure and New Chapters

Even as "Finale" had viewers tearing up, we were given an ending that both brought closure as well as open new chapters to their stories It really felt like a family, you spend the whole time leading to the end thinking you are prepared But when the time finally comes to say goodbye, your breath[...]

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons pose behind the scenes during the final season of Modern Family, courtesy of ABC.

Modern Family Finds It Hard to Say Goodbye in Series Finale Preview

After 11 seasons on the air, the Pritchett, Dunphy, and Tucker families are set to end their Modern Family run with a two-part series finale on ABC It's not like fans didn't know it was coming, and yet there's still this feeling that it snuck up on them when they weren't looking Like how Supernatural[...]

the masked singer

"The Masked Singer" Season 2 Finale: Do YOU Know "Exactly" Who It Is? [PREVIEW]

Bleeding Cool's resident expert Tiffany Tchobanian has been tracking FOX's second season of The Masked Singer, offering her wisdom when it comes to what to expect (check out her recent review here) - and it's all come down to this: the two-hour season finale “Road to the Finals / Season Finale: And The Winner Takes[...]

Watch Out, Watch Out, There are Powers Of X #6 Finale Spoilers About

Watch Out, Watch Out, There are Powers Of X #6 Finale Spoilers About

Tomorrow sees the release of the finale of the Jonathan Hickman-written House Of X/Power Of X two-series-that-are-one with Powers Of X #6, titled House Of X It will lead into the new Dawn Of X titles And it is already being spoiled all over the place So turn off your internet Stay off 4chan and[...]

Tom King's Final Issues Of Batman in December

This is How Tom King's Batman Ends… Not With a Bang, But With a POW!

An unusual Batfiring that meant he still had to come into work, finish the story up to #85 and then run a truncated version of the finale in a spinoff twelve-issue series Batman And Catwoman, starting in January A not-entirely ignominious ending, we look forward to whatever it is he will come up with over[...]

big little lies

"Big Little Lies" Season 2: So What's Left for "The Monterey Five"? [SPOILER REVIEW]

Whoa! HBO's Big Little Lies usually delivers pretty intense episodes, but "The Bad Mother" and "I Want to Know" took viewers on one helluva roller coaster ride. After Celeste's (Nicole Kidman) character is brutally attacked in the courtroom, she turns the tables and interrogates Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) in open court. Confrontations, revelations, confessions and […]