Eli Roth's History Of Horror Is Alive… ALIVE! For Season 3, That Is

The popular docuseries Eli Roth's History of Horror will be back on AMC after the recent news of a season three renewal. Only months ago, in October of 2020, the show explored many topics in horror in its' second season, from haunted houses in horror cinema to fantastic interview opportunities such as Rob Zombie and Edgar Wright. There appears to be more to explore in the upcoming third season, set to return later this year, as a mention of topics has come out. Six episodes, each an hour-long, will include topics ranging from mad scientists, infections, to even Holiday-themed horror. There are many movies that could be discussed with that last topic, from Black Christmas to Krampus, but we'll have to wait and see.

Eli Roth's History Of Horror Renewed For A Third Season At AMC
Promo image for Eli Roth's History of Horror. Source: AMC

The official episodes include, "Sinister Psychics," "Infections," "Mad Scientists," "Apocalyptic Horror," "Sequels That Don't Suck" and "Holiday Horror". So much possibility coming from the titles of these upcoming episodes. EP and host Eli Roth expressed his excitement about the news in a statement. "I'm beyond thrilled to continue this incredible deep dive into horror history with all of these legends, rising stars, and fans. I'm so thankful to all those who have to come together to celebrate and catalog the genre we love in a show that will play for generations to come," Roth said. "We've had the most amazing discussions, and so many older films are being rediscovered through the show and its accompanying podcast. Thank you to AMC, Shudder, my incredible producers, and all the contributors and fans who supported us. We want to make Season 3 our deepest and darkest yet."

The third season will continue discussing the eras of horror and the progression of style within this iconic subgenre of film. Roth joins Kurt Sayenga, Steven Michaels, Jodi Flynn, Joseph Freed, and Allison Berkley as executive producers on the series. Excitement is up and running from this renewal announcement, so let us know in the comments below what you hope to see in the third season!

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