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Farts Are Pure Comedy Gold: Key & Peele, Rick And Morty & More

Sometimes farts can happen on live television suddenly, forever being placed into YouTube compilations, but it's rare to see them elsewhere in media. I'm not talking about movies, those have a unique placeholder on farting and seem to be a requirement for most Adam Sandler films. No one is above the comedic gold of farting. There's something about TV and streaming that I believe requires way more farts and fart jokes than what is currently coming to pass.

Source: Adult Swim/ YouTube

You have to admit that you poop, you've probably sharted (and don't shake your head, you probably repressed that moment but it happened), you've been concerned over trusting your butt at certain times, and you've for sure farted. If you haven't farted, I'm a tad concerned and I suggest eating some beans or my favorite, Chipotle.

It's natural, from the loud ones that sound like they announced a king's presence with a trumpet to the silent yet deadly ones that come at you especially in cars or public transport for some reason. It's an absurd bodily function that our often prudish society needs to acknowledge way more for the power it holds in disarming many situations and tense moments.

One of my favorite examples of a well-done fart (and getting ill) moment is from Bridesmaids, which could give lessons to TV shows about how to access the absurdity and surprise of these moments. Moments that test my ability to keep a straight face often include farts. I think of shows that have used these jokes such as PortlandiaKey & PeeleRick And Morty, and even Parks And Recreation with the famous fart attack Jerry had.

The mix of seriousness and utter bewilderment at the noises and smells that can occur is what makes it comedy gold meant to be put in shows and media more often. To break the tension and the "wind", I would like to conclude this piece with a compilation of royalty-free fart sounds courtesy of YouTube.

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