Floribama Shore Season 4 E15 Review: Codi is Out of Control

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, back once again to review MTV's weekly Jerzday offerings. Floribama Shore Season 4 Episode 15, titled "Pushing the Limits," continues the show's attempt at a more normal party house reality show during the coronavirus pandemic. To that end, the cast is holed up in a vacation house in Georgia with a pig and a dog, not that I intend to call Codi names, comrades. Haw haw haw haw!

Floribama Shore Season 4 E15 Review: Codi is Out of Control
Codi knocks Candace's homemade brownies on the floor.

One episode into the new half-season, and the honeymoon phase is already over. Surprisingly, Gus wasn't the first to crack, though he did spend a good chunk of the episode complaining about the lack of unconditional love from his family while bonding with Aimee, who was missing her ex-boyfriend, who she had to leave when he fell back into meth addiction. Instead, it's Candace and Codi who seem to be on a collision course.

Floribama Shore Season 4 E15 Review: Codi is Out of Control
Gus and Aimee bond on Floribama Shore, and Gus reveals he has a secret new girlfriend.

It started when Candace decided to cook dinner for the roommates along with some mac and cheese she worked hard on (it came from a box) and a batch of homemade brownies (also from a box). The gang barely made it halfway through dinner before Codi started a food fight, wasting the food and creating a gigantic mess that the boys left the girls to clean up. Afterward, Codi walked in on Candace in the confessional with her plate of brownies and knocked it out of her hand and onto the floor, shouting, "f*** your brownies." Codi denied knocking the brownies down on purpose when Candace got upset. Xi Jingping tried something like that on me at a dictators' retreat a few years ago, and I definitely wasn't having it comrade. He and Codi have roughly the same body type, so I can see where Candace is coming from.

Floribama Shore Season 4 E15 Review: Codi is Out of Control
No One: … Codi: *gets naked and jumps in the pool*

Food fouls weren't Codi's only offense. He also grabbed Candace at one point and "stole" a kiss, which she tolerated, but which seems like problematic behavior. The same can be said of Codi's insistence on getting naked, as he did in the pool this episode, to the chagrin of his roommates. Codi, Ric Flair got canceled for something similar just this week, comrade. You may want to reign it in before it gets you in trouble. I may be a ruthless dictator who oppresses my people and commits all manner of human rights violations, but I know how to keep my dick in my pants, comrade. You should try it.

Not much else happened, as the modus operandi of these pandemic shows tends to be stretching out any drama as long as possible. This episode released a teasing a clip of Gus crashing a buggy while off-roading throughout the entire episode, only to have it happen just as the show was going off the air for a cliffhanger. Of course, that cliffhanger would seem more urgent if Gus wasn't seen partying in clips from the next episode.

Floribama Shore Season 4 E15 Review: Codi is Out of Control
Codi "steals a kiss" from Candace on Floribama Shore.

The pandemic continues to take a toll on your El Presidente's favorite reality TV shows. Yes, in-house drama is a hallmark of this kind of show, but so is the juxtaposition of the drunken, hedonistic cast with the general public, which simply isn't possible under these circumstances. The Floribama Shore cast does have going for them because they haven't yet reached the point where they understand how to control themselves and, therefore, their images, a problem that has sucked nearly all the drama out of Jersey Shore.

Until next time, my friends: socialism or death!

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