"Harley Quinn" Episode 2: No One Told Harley There Would Be Go-Gurt? More Like "Legion of Rude"… [PREVIEW]

So far, we've liked what we've seen from DC Universe's adult-oriented animated series Harley Quinn. The streaming service had teased fans with details about the series as far back as 2018's New York Comic Con (NYCC), and now? Let's just say that the Kaley Cuoco-starrer (with The Big Bang Theory alum also executive producing, alongside Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker) started strong with "Til Death Do Us Part".

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The DC Universe

But now that Harley's even more committed than ever to join the Legion of Doom (she still has some issues to work through still), DC Universe is offering us a look at what her first moves are going to be (they look pretty fresh at the end of the clip, so keep eyeballs open).

Thankfully, she has a BF(wB?)F Dr. Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) to be her voice of cynical reason. Speaking of Bell (Wet Hot American Summer), here's a look back at her thoughts on the Harley/Ivy dynamic:

Previously, Cuoco offered her perspective on what it is that makes Harley Quinn tick… tick… BOOM!

DC Universe gave fans a brand new trailer that made Ms. Quinn's "future career goals" much clearer… and they definitely involve the Legion of Doom:


Last month, Cuoco, Halpern, Schumacker, and members of the voice cast took viewers behind the scenes to let them know that Ms. Quinn has said goodbye to The Clown Prince of Crime (watching Alan Tudyk's Joker laugh as it happens is pretty sweet) and is set on being the "queenpin" of Gotham City's underworld.

Three small problems: she has the Joker as a constant threat… she has Batman patrolling the streets and rooftops… and there's a pretty good chance that one of the super-villain idiots she's surrounded herself with might just get her killed by "(un)friendly fire."

But hey – she's always got Poison Ivy…

Here's a look at what viewers can expect when Harley Quinn takes over DC Universe later this year:

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco lead the charge (and leads the series) over the past few months to keep fans posted on Ms. Quinn's travels, taking to social media to give the people what they want: as much Harley news as possible. Cuoco shared a look, which confirmed three things: Harley still has "the crazy eyes," still understands the proper use of a baseball bat, and is still set to premiere Fall 2019:

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Here's a look at a few seconds from the upcoming animated series – and while the moments may be brief, they're enough to give us a sense that this Harley doesn't take orders from anyone – even if their nickname is "puddin":

At NYCC 2018, Warner Bros. Animation unveiled a first-look at the upcoming animated series with a special video created specifically for the con. After the screening, Cuoco took the stage – giving attendees the first opportunity to welcome the actress to the role and learn of her take on the character – and as you can see from the following clip, Cuoco has definitely been doing her homework:

Joining Cuoco on the voice cast for DC Universe's animated series Harley Quinn are Lake Bell (Wet Hot American Summer) as Dr. Pamela Isley/ Poison Ivy, Alan Tudyk (Doom Patrol) as The Joker, Ron Funches (Powerless), JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Wanda Sykes (Black-ish), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Natalie Morales (Bojack Horseman), Jim Rash (Community), Rahul Kohli (iZombie) as Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow, Diedrich Bader (Veep) as Bruce Wayne/ Batman, Tony Hale (Veep) as Dr. Edgar Cizko / Doctor Psycho, Christopher Meloni (Happy!) as Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Sanaa Lathan (Native Son) as Selina Kyle / Catwoman

Cuoco also executive produces DC Universe's Harley Quinn through her Yes, Norman Productions, serving alongside Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey.

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Speaking of "Harley Quinn" Voice Actor Christopher Meloni…

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, the actor discussed his overall approach to voice acting and if it differs from his approach to live acting before briefly explaining what the Harley Quinn recording experience was like for him – and how it connects back to Meloni's work on 2014's FOX sitcom Surviving Jack:

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