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HouseBroken Season 1 E07 Review: Bored, Confused & Slightly Concerned

I love a good animated adult comedy, but the recent episode of FOX's HouseBrokenhas left me disappointed and craving a better plot. The seventh episode of this show's first season, "Who's Going to the Vet?", involves Chief getting into his owner's belongings, specifically her personal massager. What proceeds to happen is his journey to the vet and eventual attempt to create his own group after talking to other patients.

Housebroken Season 1 E07 Review: The Pets Are Lacking Story Appeal
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Besides the episode's main story, Shel deals with the break away from his shoe love affair in an attempt to get back together with another turtle, Darla. And Tabitha accepts the help and housing offered from The Grey One. While portions of the episode remained funny and produced some laughter, the entirety of it felt like it was missing both the mark and my attention span. I enjoyed the previous episode, but this one bored me.

HouseBroken has not had an easy start in the arena of adult animation. Currently, competition is high with the current run of the new season of Rick and Morty being a big component. But it also has to grab any view it can during a rough time slot of the summer season. Previous episodes that I've enjoyed from Housebroken have promised an evolving story that could present a cruder and raunchier side of the pet life narrative. In this episode, it felt as though it was more of a filler than a main piece. What I mean is that this episode felt like it could have been left out of the season and not much, except maybe Tabitha's storyline, would be impacted. But it's not just the lack of story progression that hurts it, it also lacks exciting moments it could have had with Chief at the vet. The conversations and jokes were funny when he had conversations with other pets, but otherwise, it felt bland. I was hopeful after last week, but now I'm more concerned than thrilled for the future of HouseBroken.

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HouseBroken Season 1 Episode 7

Housebroken Season 1 E07 Review: The Pets Are Lacking Story Appeal
Review by Brittney Bender

What was a hopeful beginning for the series, now remains downcast as the recent episode lacked the fun and appeal it had in previous outings.


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