Impact Wrestling 7/21/20 Report Part 1: What's New is Old Again

After a pretty good Slammiversary PPV that brought back multiple TNA stars and added some former WWE stars as well, Impact Wrestling is ready for a brand new era. The roster is looking a lot fuller and there's even an Impact World Champion again. How will Impact kick off this new era?

Impact Wrestling 7/21/20 Part 1 - What's New is Old Again (Image: Impact Wrestling)
Impact Wrestling 7/21/20 Part 1 – What's New is Old Again (Image: Impact Wrestling)

Impact opens with a promo by EC3 calling out all the sheeple, maaannn. We've been controlled our whole life by the media. We're a bunch of conformists! We don't fight back against the tyrants, maan. Find a purpose. Find enlightenment. Control your narrative. Live in the moment. Like EC3. He'll be here tonight.

Hey, Impact has a new theme song. The hook is "we own the night." Willie Mack heads to the ring for a Slammiversary rematch against Chris Bey. Maybe we'll finally get a payoff to that Johnny Swinger angle? Josh Matthews says Mack has invoked his rematch clause. Bey comes out. Matthews talks up Bey's new finisher, The Art of Finesse. Madison Rayne is back on commentary. Sorry, Don Callis fans.

Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack – X-Division Championship Rematch

As Mack and Bey take turns mounting and punching each other, Josh Matthews brags about Slammiversary trending worldwide. His evolution into Michael Cole is nearly complete. Mack rolls out of the ring and Bey follows by flinging himself over the top rope. He lands right in Mack's arms and gets bodyslammed on the floor. Mack throws Bey in the ring and hits a slingshot senton. Bey retaliates with a headlock. He tries a standing moonsault but takes too long rapping and Mack gets out of the way. Mack accuses Bey of gimmick infringement and hits a moonsault of his own. Then he tries and misses a six-star frogsplash. Bey gets a springboard cutter and win  These guys had a good match at Slammiversary. I'm not sure why a rematch where Mack loses so easily was needed. Did he piss someone off backstage? And still no Swinger? Does he have the COVID or something?

Winner: Chris Bey

Matthews and Rayne talk about Slammiversary. Go and watch it. Or read our recaps. The main event tonight is The North vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (who returned at Slammiversary). EC3 will be here tonight too. New Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards is also here. Matthews shows us a clip of the murder of Rich Swann's angle by Eric Young (who also returned to Impact). Plus, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are here, and they're coming to the ring right now. But first, Impact is going to commercials.

Impact Promo: The Good Brothers

"Hey yo," says Karl Anderson. He says he always wanted to say that. For months everybody was speculating on where the Good Brothers would end up after being fired by WWE (not really, we all pretty much knew it would be Impact for weeks now).On Saturday, Slammiversary trended worldwide because of the Good Brothers. Anderson got texts from everybody in the business about their appearance. They're the best tag team in the world. Gallows is the best big man in the business. And Anderson is the best wrestler in the world.

Gallows agrees with Anderson. Yes, Slammiversary was trending because of the Good Brothers. Yes, they're great. Impact also sold out of Good Brother shirts. They're doing a PPV podcast or something like that in a few weeks, apparently. Gallows and Anderson ask for some beers. Anderson catches them and makes fun of Gallows for dropping the beer that was tossed to him at Slammiversary. I hate to say it, but the Good Brothers are stinking up the joint with this promo.

Thankfully, Ace Austin comes out with Madman Fulton. He wants an apology from the Good Brothers for attacking him after the main event on Saturday. He gets that they had to step to the two top guys in Impact to make a name for themselves, but that's over now. Austin wants to share some beers with them while they apologize. The Good Brothers aren't apology guys. Austin slaps the beer out of Anderson's hands and says he's not a beer guy either. A fight breaks out. Austin and Fulton flee to the back.

Backstage, Heath is trying to get into the building. His name's not on the list. The guard asks him if he has a last name. Heath says he had one but he's not allowed to use it anymore. He makes a phone call. Rhino and Hernandez are arguing about something backstage. Rhino offers to put him his half of the money from last week's backlot brawl against Hernandez's half in a match after some commercials.

Chris Bey is hanging out with some women in his dressing room. He pours them a drink when Rohit Raju interrupts (and grabs the drink). He toasts the new X-Division Champion. Raju says that Bey has a bullseye on his back now and Raju can watch his back. Bey says he'll call Raju if he ever feels in danger.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs. Havok and Neveah Part 37

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz come to the ring, followed by Havok and Neveah. Yes, it's another match in the feud that never ends. Steelz and Neveah start things off with Neveah getting the upper hand early. The match is relatively uneventful until Havok gets Hogan in position for a piledriver. Steelz brings a chair in the ring and hits Havok in the back, but Havok no-sells. Steelz and Havok are disqualified. Neveah tosses Steelz from the ring. Havok hits the piledriver on the chair. Kind of a pointless match, but this feud does nothing for me.

Winners: Nobody – please end this feud

The Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley. Edwards wins. Take that, WWE! Sami Callahan confronts Ken Shamrock backstage. He blames Shamrock for their loss at Slammiversary. Shamrock agrees. It's his fault. Callahan doesn't know what to make of that. Shamrock says he's harder on himself than Callahan could ever be. Shamrock tells Callahan to talk to him about it next week when he's finished pouting. Impact goes to commercials.

RVD and Katie Forbes are backstage. RVD mentions a lot of changes made recently, which he thinks are for the better (he's referring to Joey Ryan being fired, killing the Cancel Culture gimmick). Rob especially likes Forbes not having to cover up her body. Forbes agrees. She wanted to punish the fans by covering up, but ended up punishing herself because you know she loves to twerk or whatever. But she has a new website where fans can pay to see her sexy photos. Is she pimping her OnlyFans on Impact? She says there will be a discount next week for just $3.99. Alright then.

Hernandez vs. Rhino

Hernandez and Rhino come to the ring to settle this money issue. Rhino gores Hernandez right after the bell and gets the win and all the money. Hernandez respects it.

The North cut a promo backstage complaining about how they don't get the respect they deserve for being the longest-reigning champions in Impact history. Ethan Page complains about the fans giving so much credit to the Motor City Machine Guns. Page says The North's year-plus tag team reign is a fact worth more than the opinion that the Machine Guns are the best in the world. They'll settle it tonight, I guess. Eddie Edwards is seen walking backstage as Impact goes to commercials again. We'll continue this in part two of our Impact report.

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