Interest in Aleister Black in NXT About the Same as Main Roster

Despite a promising start in NXT, Aleister Black's WWE career has come to a standstill since he moved to the main roster. After spending what seemed like months sitting in a dark room and demanding someone fight him. Black finally seemed to be gaining some traction by latching onto the feud between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins and even turning heel after having one eye gouged out, but after a brief feud with Kevin Owens, Black faded back into obscurity.

Aleister Black and Umberto Carillo on WWE Raw
Aleister Black and Umberto Carillo on WWE Raw

The truth is, nobody seems to have any interest in Aleister Black. The creative team has no interest. The fans have lost interest. Occasionally, some fan will pop up and suggest that Black could do well in a supernatural feud with The Fiend or something, not nobody's heart is truly in it anymore. Aleister Black's WWE career is a lost cause.

And so when Black's wife, Zelina Vega, was released by WWE last week, rumors hit the web that Black was looking for a career reboot by asking to be moved back to NXT, where superstars like Finn Balor, Ember Moon, and Breezango have managed to reignite interest in their characters after being essentially ruined on Raw or Smackdown. However, in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer spoke about those rumors and revealed exactly why Aleister Black didn't return to NXT: because nobody cared!

There were reports Aleister Black asked to go back to NXT and was turned down. That's basically true as far as smoke and fire but not exactly true. We were told he didn't directly ask and get turned down, but he did float the idea around and nobody seemed interested when he did so.

When not even NXT is interested, you know that Aleister Black has a problem. How long before Alex Darkness shows up in the Impact Zone? We'll keep an eye on this story.

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