It's the End of GLOW As Viewers Know It & Betty Gilpin Feels Fine

Actress Betty Gilpin is grateful for the opportunities she receives working in Hollywood even if they don't always pan out as expected. While promoting her latest film The Tomorrow War for Amazon Prime Video, the star spoke with Collider about how two of her biggest profile work in Netflix's GLOW, which was canceled after three seasons, and Universal's The Hunt, which only had a 10-day release before lockdown prematurely ended its theatrical run. Both were cut short due to the pandemic.

Betty Gilpin GLOW
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Gilpin's Learning Experience from GLOW and The Hunt

"Pandemic-wise, I had a couple of disappointments career-wise that in the global scheme of things don't matter at all," Gilpin said. "When an actress cries in a forest, does anyone hear?" The actress is okay with how both turned out because she got to be a part of it channeling her early experience on the stage. "I think if all this had happened when I was 19 and just starting out, I would have been so devastated, but at 34, I'm kind of grateful to the decade of failing that I had, where I still supported myself as an actor, so it wasn't a total failure," she explained. "But I did a lot of black-box plays that no one saw and an episode of Law & Order once every four years, and that was my life for a long time. I think starting in the theater was this gift where I learned the lesson early that feeling like your soul is doing what it's supposed to and coming out into a room for one second and being recognized by someone else's soul is such a different thing than societal success and it can be confused. It's very easy to confuse the hit validation feels like, or public validation, especially when so much of being an actor is rejection and no and trying, so when the world says, 'Hey, we see you and we're clapping,' you're like, 'Oh, that's my childhood dream!' But it's not. Your childhood dream has way more to do with your soul just being recognized for a millisecond and then it goes away."

GLOW Star Betty Gilpin Grateful for Her Three Seasons-Worth of Work
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The lifelong lessons stuck with Gilpin as they applied to both major projects in GLOW and The Hunt. "I think even though we got canceled, it's like, 'Yeah, we still did it though,'" she said. "And The Hunt is a movie that meant so much to me and that part meant so much to me and there are parts in that movie where I really felt like, 'Oh, I did the soul thing.' … I feel like sometimes you do a play, sometimes your soul comes out in a room and is recognized for a second, and then the air changes and you're terrible again and it's all bad and the whole front row's asleep, but you did it, for one second. And I'm like, we did three seasons. The Hunt came out in theaters for two days. I have an Ann Coulter impression. I never filmed it." The Tomorrow War, which also stars Chris Pratt streams on Prime Video on July 2nd.

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