'iZombie' Showrunner Is Confident He's Getting A Fourth Helping

iZOMBIEiZombie is the most underrated and consistently good comic book television show right now (come at me bro). The show has had a hard time finding a large audience, but with its positive critical reception, a devoted but small fandom, and the sheer dumb luck of being on a network that doesn't need huge numbers to keep a show around, iZombie is getting ready to wrap up its third season. The show has always run smaller seasons, and has flourished for it. That means there isn't a lot of wiggle room for filler episodes, and because of the quick pace, episode is important for story and character development.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Rob Thomas, who knows all about appealing to small but devoted fandoms through Veronica Mars, seems confident that his show is returning for a fourth season.

"I'll say this: I bought a house in L.A. and I'm moving there hoping there will be a season 4, so no one will be more disappointed than me and my business manager if there is not," he said. "I am betting a lot that there will be. I feel good. I am confident, and hopefully, that confidence is not misplaced."

file_119129_0_izombieposterThat is a pretty big commitment for a show that hasn't been renewed yet, but that kind of confidence hasn't been misplaced so far. When asked about the theme of this hypothetical season four, Thomas offered a little information.

"The season 3 finale is a pretty major reset of the show, so I feel like if I said anything about season 4, I would be giving away the cool stuff that we want to surprise people with in the finale of season 3."

It sounds like a soft reboot is on the way for Liv and her friends. Does that mean Ravi's cure — which he's been working on since season one and has made significant process on during this third season — isn't going to work?

"If there is ever a cure where things go well, it seems like the show will be over," Thomas said. "I don't think we could cure Liv Moore until we're ready to do our final episode."

Sounds like it. iZombie is currently "in the bubble" as to whether or not it'll be renewed but most websites are predicting that its a pretty good bet that it will be. We should know the fate of iZombie very soon as the rest of the networks do their sweeps for television shows.

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