John Oliver Bodyslams Vince McMahon Over WWE Working Conditions

With WrestleMania a week away, comedian John Oliver showed up on the go-home episode of Last Week Tonight, ran into the ring, and delivered an epic stone cold stunner on WWE's Vince McMahon. While fellow parody news anchors, SNL's Michael Che and Colin Jost, will participate in WrestleMania by fighting Braun Strowman in a battle royal next Sunday, Oliver really took the fight to WWE in Last Week Tonight's main segment. For 23 minutes, Oliver ran through the high rate of early deaths for professional wrestlers, Vince McMahon's leverage of WWE's status as a virtual monopoly in the United States wrestling business to force his employees to work as "independent contractors" without health insurance, paid leave, or other benefits that could improve their health and expand their lifespan, with Oliver taking McMahon to task for what he says is McMahon's refusal to accept responsibility for the health and well being of the people who work for him.

It looks like Oliver won't be invited to hit John Cena with a chair or host WrestleMania anytime soon like his Daily Show predecessor, Jon Stewart, is what we're saying.

Oliver went on to encourage fans to use WrestleMania to chant about healthcare plans and better treatment for wrestlers, noting the fans' reaction to WWE's attempts to push Roman Reigns as a babyface (prior to his Leukemia scare), as well as fans forcing WWE to stop treating its female employees like garbage, as an example of how fans are willing to vocally challenge the company on their own television show.

Will it make any difference? We'll have to see what happens next Sunday. For now, check out the video below.

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