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Jujutsu Kaisen S01E22 Offers "The Origin of Blind Obedience": Review

With two episodes left to go after this one, Jujutsu Kaisen gives us a bit more of a look into Megumi's persona in "The Origin of Blind Obedience". Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara get sent to investigate a few mysterious deaths that only seem to have one thing in common: all of them used to go to the same school, Saitama Urami East Junior High. Also the same school our dear Megumi used to attend.

With victims complaining that their door lock systems had failed for a few days leaving their doors open before appearing dead, the three students get sent to investigate the curse behind these attacks. Unfortunately, the only connection they all seem to share was attending the same school Megumi had attended. In the midst of questioning students and staff, Nobara and Yuji find out Megumi was a bit of a handful. It seems he used to beat bad kids in the area and always got in trouble. However, the students looked up to him with respect. They also find out Megumi has an older sister who used to take care of him when they went to school, Tsumiki.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen – Image: MAPPA

In the midst of questioning the Yasohachi Bridge was brought up. Apparently haunter for being a place famous for people jumping from it or students using it on each other for tests of courage or bungee jumping. Suddenly this was also a connecting factor for all deaths. Having to act quickly, they decide to further investigate the location.

This brings me to a very special point: I really like the friendship that has been building up between the three of them. No need for any romantic triangles or love interests, because their relationship as comrades has developed organically. This makes these moments of Yuji and Nobara bickering at Megumi for not telling them enough of his private life very heartfelt. The writing flows showing us about the characters without needing extra filler episodes to just develop their characters. The show focuses each second on furthering the story, adding tension, as well as building up each of the characters involved. I think this is the part I appreciate most about Jujutsu Kaisen.

While they investigate we see Mahito and Geto also wakening cursed spirits they stole from the Jujutsu sorcerers on their end, by forcing them down random human throats. Mahito wonders why the sorcerers have not destroyed them and Geto explains. Then, when the cursed spirit is awakened asks for a favor. However, we do not get to see what was requested.

After not finding anything concerning at the bridge, the trio is back to square one. While discussing any possible findings or next course of action, one of the students they questioned the day before approaches them. He introduces his sister, who already knew Megumi. She confesses she had gone to the bridge at night with two friends when she attended school and now is worried because every night her door is always open. She also mentions Tsumiki was one of the friends she went with.

Megumi is clearly shaken by this and suddenly the mission has become more intricate. He sends Yuji and Nobara home but fails to realize they have been following him all alone refusing to let him handle everything on his own. He confesses to them his sister is in a coma-like state and will not be able to voice any issues if being haunted by a cursed spirit. He tries to talk them back, but his friends refuse to hear it and march right along with him not asking any other follow-ups. This was also a very touching moment.

They cross a small stream suddenly entering a cursed spirit's half-assed domain ready to exorcise it. However, the spirit Mahito had awakened also joins the party not expecting them to be there. Plans take a little turn, but Yuji gets ready for action and tells Megumi and Nobara to go ahead with the bridge spirit while he takes care of the unexpected guest. All of a sudden, I cannot wait for the next episode and have to turn soon to the manga to get some answers.

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