Keith Lee Tweets About His 90-Day Non-Compete Clause Ending Today

On November 4 of last year, WWE released 18 of their wrestlers for "budget cuts" and former NXT Champion Keith Lee was easily one of the most shocking names to read on a list that included Karrion KrossNia JaxGran Metalik, Lince Dorado, Mia Yim, Eva Marie, Harry Smith, B-Fab, Franky Monet, Ember Moon, Scarlett, Oney Lorcan, Trey Baxter, Jessi Kamea, Zayda Ramier, Katrina Cortez, and Jeet Rama.  Upon his release, Lee was subject to the notorious 90-day non-compete clause that WWE includes in most of their contracts, meaning he can't sign with or appear for another wrestling promotion until 90 days after the date of his release.  But today is the day he and his fans have been waiting for, as Lee is now free of the clause and free to sign wherever he wants.

Keith Lee has just passed his 90-Day Non-Compete. Image: Screencap
Keith Lee has just passed his 90-Day Non-Compete. Image: Screencap

Today is a special one to Keith Lee, who has made it known on his official Twitter page by changing his name to "FreeLee" and with a post this morning reading, "Through Victory… My Chains are Broken. Time…. has freed me. And now… the Force shall guide me."

Is this a new original Keith Lee poem for the big day?  Well, not exactly.  It's actually an abbreviated version of the "Code of the Sith" from Star Wars, which reads in full,

"Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.
Through Passion, I gain Strength.
Through Strength, I gain Power.
Through Power, I gain Victory.
Through Victory my chains are Broken.
The Force shall free me."

So what can we read into with this?  There's the obvious association of WWE as "the Evil Empire" and Vince McMahon's ever-growing by-the-day resemblance to Emperor Palpatine.  But we could also read it as how in Star Wars, the Sith give in to their emotions and thus allow themselves to tap into a more lethal power in the Dark Side of the Force.  Is Keith Lee being free of WWE and being allowed to be himself to the max now like him tapping into a new power for him?  We shall see, as right now, all of us as fans of his wait to see where he winds up next to reinvent himself and continue his wrestling career without the chains of WWE.  AEW Dynamite is tonight, just saying.

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