Kevin Nash Invites Fans to Class Action Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

As election results poured in on November 3rd and it began to become clear that Donald Trump would lose the presidential election, the WWE Hall-of-Famer immediately declared his intention to file lawsuits in various states in hopes of altering those results. Trump's affinity for litigation didn't go unnoticed by one of his most powerful political opponents: fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer and Hollywood megastar Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump
Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump

Nash took to Twitter to announce that, in response to President Trump's multiple election lawsuits, he too would file a lawsuit, against the president. Nash claimed that President Trump has caused "mental anguish" against all Americans for his "Covid lies and total incompetence." Nash suggested that Americans could join him in a class-action lawsuit against the president.

"Since law suits are the new chic, how many Americans are ready to file a class action mental anguish case against Donald Trump and his Covid lies and total incompetence?" Nash tweeted. "Since bullshit seems to be a easier way to except an unfavorable election return."

It's unclear how well such a civil lawsuit would perform or what might be left of Trump's fortune by the time such a lawsuit is decided, especially if Trump is ousted from office and various chickens come home to roost. He does have a lot of debt and as soon as his political fortunes change, people will try to collect. Still, don't you just feel like you might as well sign up for these things, just in case? Whenever we get one of those emails about a class action settlement against a company like Google or the like, even though we're only likely to earn three bucks or some paltry sum like that, we usually sign up anyway. You never know, right? So sign us up, Big Sexy!

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