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Stanley Kubrick Concert Hosted by Malcolm McDowell Happening THIS WEEKEND

We are a little upset we didn't know about this BRILLIANT concert happening this weekend in Los Angeles, CA at the Disney Concert Hall- Malcolm McDowell is hosting three nights of the scores of Stanley Kubrick's films. HOW PERFECT IS THAT?! McDowell, of course, starred in Kubrick's adaptation of A Clockwork Orange as Alex DeLarge, Droog extraordinaire. Just […]

John Cameron Mitchell: ALWAYS Meet Your Heroes

Sometimes a piece of art- film, music, stage craft – comes along at the right time in a person's life to etch a mark on the soul. For >this< writer, that's been Hedwig and the Angry Inch and writer-director-performer John Cameron Mitchell. Originally created as a stage show by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask, the live piece soon […]

Driver Ed Review: Jacob A. Ware Shines in Offbeat Surreal Webseries [Tribeca 2018]

One of the benefits that came with Bleeding Cool getting our hands on this year's Tribeca Film Festival was a better understanding of just how much content they offer beyond the big screen: television, gaming, VR demonstrations, and a number of aspects of the storytelling landscape. One of the events that best represents Tribeca's growing […]

Mozart's Requiem: Amazon Cancels 'Mozart In The Jungle' After 4 Seasons

I am heartbroken to write this, but Amazon Studios will not be ordered additional seasons of Mozart In The Jungle.  The comedy series has brought tremendous crescendos across it's four seasons, and I am so very sad to see it go. Based on Blair Tindall's memoir "Mozart In The Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music", the series […]

Preacher Season 3 Adds Reign's Adam Croasdell and Mozart in the Jungle's Prema Cruz

The god-hunting world of Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) continues to grow, with Reign's Adam Croasdell and Mozart in the Jungle's Prema Cruz set to join AMC's Preacher when it returns for a third season. Adapted from the popular Vertigo comic book series from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the […]

Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 10

Well, this may or may not be the very last episode of Amazon Studios Mozart In The Jungle we ever get.  Please oh PLEASE don't let that be the case, because I selfishly don't want this show to end. We've had some serious sh*t happen this season- breakups and robot destruction, a motorcycle in an orchestra […]

Mozart in the jungle

Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 9

I am still not ok after Mozart In the Jungle season 4 episode 8, "Ichi Go Ichi E". No, seriously, it messed me up in ways I didn't think possible this side of LOST or Battlestar Galactica. After so long, loving and longing for these characters to find that they really do complete what the other needs, they go […]

Let's Talk About Mozart In the Jungle Season 4 Episode 8

We're in the homestretch with season 4 of Amazon Studio's Mozart In The Jungle guys!  We don't actually mean to make that sound like it's a chore- this series has been one of my personal favorites since the first episode appeared on the streaming service. Season 4 of Mozart In The Jungle has brought in some new faces, […]

Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 7

This season of Amazon Studio's Mozart In The Jungle has been pretty great, and we're almost done watching our way through the 4th season of the show. In s4e6 "Domo Arigato", Hailey (Lola Kirke), Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal), Thomas (Malcolm McDowell), and Gloria (Bernadette Peters) headed to Japan for the Fukumoto conducting competition.  While there, Rodrigo […]

Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 6

We've made the halfway point in our Mozart In The Jungle season 4 discussion, and we've got five episodes to go before finishing out the Amazon Studios original series.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that this won't be it for the show. In s4e5 "The Coach", Rodrigo's (Gael Garcia Bernal) second ghostly mentor Liberace abandoned him because […]

Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 5

Amazon Original series Mozart In The Jungle continues to be a fabulous mix of noteworthy writing, and top notch performances from it's award winning cast.  We've been marathoning the newest season (it's 4th), and delighting in the story. In s4e4 "An Honest Ghost", it seemed like Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) had lost his spectre mentor Mozart […]

Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 4

We're almost halfway through our watch/chat sesh about Amazon Studios' Mozart In The Jungle season 4. In s4e3 "Significant Lover", Rodrigo embarassed the HELL out of Hailey with his sweet shout out to her during his conducting the orchestra's performance for His Holiness The Pope.  He really brought the house down (no, literally, the ceiling collapsed […]

Mozart In The Jungle season 4

Let's Talk About Mozart in the Jungle Season 4, Episode 3

The weekend is always the perfect time to marathon a show, and Amazon Studios' Mozart in the Jungle is one of my favorites. Luckily, season 4 just dropped last week, and that means it's the perfect time to talk about each episode. In season 4, episode 2, 'If I Were An Elf, I Would Tell You', […]

Let's Talk About Mozart in the Jungle Season 4, Episode 2

Mozart in the Jungle sure started with a promising season 4 first episode, and it looks like we're finally going to get the relationship pairing of Rodrigo and Hailey like we've been waiting for. In season 4, episode 1, 'The Boyfriend', Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Hailey (Lola Kirke) set off on a 10-hour bus ride […]

Mozart in the jungle

Let's Talk About Mozart in the Jungle Season 4, Episode 1

Amazon original series Mozart in the Jungle season 4 arrived on the streaming service last night, and it's already getting pretty fabulous reviews.  If you haven't seen the series, this is the perfect time to marathon seasons 1-3. Truly, I cannot recommend it enough. We thought maybe we'd dive right in with an episodic chat of […]

Mozart in the jungle

Gael Garcia Bernal and Lola Kirke Recap Mozart in the Jungle Season 3

I was introduced to Mozart in the Jungle by a friend of mine just as the second season debuted. I decided I would try an episode out at around 9 p.m. one night… I proceed to watch both seasons straight through. Luckily they are 30-minute episodes, so the 20 shows only took me 10 or […]

Mozart In The Jungle

Watch: First Trailer for Mozart in the Jungle Season 4

One of the most pleasant surprises in recent years of streaming service original dramas, Mozart in the Jungle is coming back for its fourth season on Amazon. The series, based on Blair Tindall's autobiography Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, the story follows an oboist with the New York Symphony (which Blair was) and the […]

John Cameron Mitchell Joins Mozart In The Jungle

If you are not watching Amazon's original series Mozart In The Jungle, you should fix that as soon as possible.  The surprise hit series has racked up an impressive collection of Emmys and Golden Globe wins, pretty much coming out of nowhere to take home Best Musical Or Comedy and Best Lead Actor In A Musical […]