Matt Morgan Voted Mayor of Longwood, Florida as Wrestler Power Grab Continues

Former Impact Wrestling star Matt Morgan has become the mayor of Longwood Florida, local news outlet Spectrum News 13 reports. Morgan, who was formerly serving as Deputy Mayor, was voted the new mayor by city commissioners and took power on Monday, the report reveals. The city's commissioners are elected to public office, but the commissioners then choose which one of them gets to be mayor. Morgan is a former two-time Impact world champion and wrestled for WWE prior to his Impact tenure.

Morgan is only the latest professional wrestler to gain political power in America. Last year, WWE Superstar Kane became the Republican mayor of Knox County, Tenessee, though he continues to occasionally wrestle for WWE. And, of course, in 2016, WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump won the election to become President of the United States, promptly nominating Linda McMahon to serve as the head of the Small Business Administration. McMahon stepped down from that role earlier this year to run a Super PAC to help re-elect Trump in 2020.

It's unclear why wrestlers are seizing power around the country, but it's clearly a worrying trend, as professional wrestlers are notorious for being easily provoked into fights and settling all their problems with violence. In addition to his stint as a pro wrestler, Matt Morgan also served as the Gladiator Beast in the 2008 season of American Gladiators. It is unknown whether Morgan defeated his fellow city commissioners in a jousting competition to earn their votes, but it's probably safe to assume: yes.

Matt Morgan Voted Mayor of Longwood, Florida as Wrestler Power Grab Continues

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