Mayor Kane Apoligizes for Shoot Promo on Knox County Board of Health

Former WWE Superstar and Knox County Mayor Kane has been involved in some pretty heinous acts before; following in the footsteps of President Donald Trump, he changed careers from pro wrestling to politics. There was that time he lit Jim Ross on fire. There was the time he electrocuted the testicles of his boss, Shane McMahon. And there was that time he threw Braun Strowman into a trash compactor and turned it on. But since becoming the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, Kane has been more about the Libertarian politics than the hellfire and brimstone. But is the old Big Red Machine making a comeback?

WWE Superstar Kane is the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee... seriously!
WWE Superstar Kane is the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee… seriously!

Knox County has been set on fire, not literally, but metaphorically by a video Kane recorded cutting a promo on the Knox County board of health for their anti-freedom policies such as trying to protect people from dying during the pandemic. In the video, Kane reportedly said, "Today this foundation is once again, under attack…Not from some enemy abroad; sinister forces within. Unelected bureaucrats who pass down edicts that carry the force of law with no accountability and no recourse." The video showed the faces of the Knox County Board of Health on a Zoom Meeting.

According to local news outlet WVLT, Kane admitted to making the video but claims that it leaked online accidentally. The video was released by a Facebook group called Freedom Forward, and apparently, Kane's comments come from a panel discussion he was invited to participate in. The video itself, according to Kane, was "filmed and produced at no cost" by a group called Citizen Advertizing.

"I apologize if that was divisive," said Mayor Kane unapologetically. "I can't apologize for my sentiments because that's how I feel. The news report claims Kane apologized nine times and said it isn't the people on the board he takes issue with but their power, but many of the board members are now afraid to show up in public for fear of what may happen to them. As to whether they're more terrified of dumbass anti-maskers committing acts of violence or of receiving a tombstone piledriver from the Mayor himself is at this time unclear.

Kane's office released the following statement after the video leaked:

The mayor feels terrible that the Health Department got caught in the political crossfire, but he stands by what he said in the video. Additionally, he's publicly praised Dr. Buchannan and the department countless times. In fact, this past Friday during his weekly update he said he said people shouldn't take their anger out on the employees or the Board of Health but rather do something constructive and direct their attention to the state Legislature.

Again, the video was not intended to put people in harm's way, and the Mayor apologized publicly if it comes across that way. Further, he's also publicly praised the Board of Health members, calling them 'good, civic-minded individuals who have taken on a responsibility to make these decisions from a public health perspective.

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