"Modern Family" Pulls Better Episode Out of Its Hat with "Perfect Pairs" [SPOILER REVIEW]

With episode three "Perfect Pairs," ABC's Modern Family shoots back up to steadier footing after the fiasco that was last week's outing. It was definitely much more enjoyable and did get some laughter from me again. Even though the show can get repetitive when it comes to certain themes or characters—most noticeable when it comes to Gloria's (Sofia Vergara) not-so-subtle cliché stereotypes and Claire's (Julie Bowen) need to be right or weird determination—Modern Family did manage to surprise me.

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On the Dunphy side we had the family hiding from Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Dylan (Reid Ewing) because they ask for help too much. I was glad it did not take long for them to tackle this subject. It can get overwhelming. However, when the time comes for the baby to serve a purpose for each of the members of the family, they decide to each take a moment with the twins and give Haley a day off. First with Claire: she takes the babies to get into a baby yoga class in order to make a sale.

Once again, Claire tries to build a fake life around her profession in order to get ahead. Then Luke (Nolan Gould) takes the babies to a liquor store in order to not confess to his girl that he is underage. Next we have Alex (Ariel Winter) who takes the twins to get ahead in line at the DMV in order to get her ID for a job application at NASA. And lastly, Phil (Ty Burrell) who uses them as his little assistants for a magic trick… although it is fair to say he kind of asked first.

While there is not much wrong in the bigger picture, after last week I am bothered by how they rely on certain traits of Claire's, there is absolutely no need for her to fabricate a whole life for those outside looking through her business side. As per Phil's story—it was the complete opposite. I love how he is consistently trying to be better than before in everything he tries; in this case, a magic trick. It has become the Dunphy recipe: they all have a bad day and come together at the end of the day to marvel over Phil's evolution as a magician. As per Alex, I hope she gets a banging job and a finale worthy of her.

Gloria's storyline did take me for a spin. I was so ready to get angry at the show, like last week. Yes, here we go again with Modern Family using passive-aggressive stereotypes… Gloria's sister Sonia (Stephanie Beatriz) finally came into a little fortune and found a great partner. Gloria, though, decides that her love interest is a gold-digger and scares him away. It was hard to feel anything at all when we find out it was actually the other way around. Sonia was the gold-digger and Gloria has ruined her future once again.

Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch's (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) storyline was pretty bland, except for Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) at the end. Lily adds more and more to show with every passing episode. I love how determined and funny she is. She does not have that flair that comes with the rest of the family. She reminds me a lot of a cross between Alex and Jay (Ed O'Neill).

"Modern Family" Pulls Better Episode Out of Its Hat with "Perfect Pairs" [SPOILER REVIEW]

This third episode of Modern Family was definitely an improvement over last. The synopsis for the next episode has me crossing my fingers that it will be a great one. It definitely has potential.

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