MVP Discusses Police Brutality, Lack of Accountability

WWE Superstar MVP appeared on the latest episode of Lilian Garcia's podcast where he discussed his career, remembering Shad Gaspard, and his time in prison. MVP also discussed police brutality in the wake of the George Floyd killing and subsequent protests from a unique perspective as a Black man who also comes from a family of law enforcement professionals. Here's some of what MVP had to say on the subject.

"This is nothing new," MVP explained. "This is something that's been going on for a long time, but now everybody has a camera phone. And again, this is one of those super-sensitive subjects. You have the issue where you talk about police, and policing, and policing policies. I come from a family of law enforcement. I'm a black sheep. I've heard conversations where you go, 'oh my god, here's a cop talking like this?' And it happens all the time. And we have this mythologized idea of cops, their word is infallible. If a cop takes a stand against testimony, automatically, their testimony is given more gravity than yours because they're a cop. The badge. The honor and trust that we put in these people to protect and serve."

MVP makes his way to the ring, image courtesy of WWE.
MVP makes his way to the ring, image courtesy of WWE.

"But we know that humans fail and we know that there are people who are going to abuse the system and we know that… Chris Rock has a really good joke about police," MVP continued. "People go, 'well, most cops are good.' Yet, Chris Rock says, 'you only say that about policing. You don't say that about pilots. Well, most of our pilots land.' He does a joke about that. If you just have a few bad apples, well, the term is, a few bad apples spoil the bunch. So when people say, yeah, 'but there are good cops,' okay, but when these bad cops are doing this, where are the good cops to step and say 'hey don't do that?' And there's a very realistic problem. Detective Joe Crystal comes to mind. There are some cops that have stepped up and say 'this guy did this.' And now they're a rat, you're betraying your brothers."

"And for them, you gotta think, okay, I'm a cop and I see this guy doing something wrong," MVP said. "He's very well liked. I report him. Now if I call for backup, what if somebody says, 'well, I'm gonna wait a few minutes.' Don't think it doesn't happen. Like I said, I come from a family of law enforcement where I've heard stories and I know things that happened. You look at Chicago PD. They had a black ops offsite. It's all proven now. People talked about it for years. People in Chicago knew about it. A place where the cops could take people where they're not booked into the system, there's no paperwork like where are they? And they would be tortured. And the chief knew about this. They were holding tasers to guys' genitals to get confessions out of them, and it went all the way to the top. And the problem is, they found out about it, they got information about it. That chief didn't go to prison. He didn't even lose his pension. And a lot of the time, these cops will do something wrong, they'll resign, they're not prosecuted, they show up on another department, and they're allowed to continue to do what they do."

"Yes, police have a very difficult job, and, at times, certainly a dangerous job," MVP continued. "No question about it. If you're a good cop, and you witness a cop do something illegal, and you don't do your job, are you still a good cop?" You can watch the full interview below.

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