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My Hero Academia S05E01: All Hands on Deck as Class 1-A Heroes Return

Our favorite heroes return for a fifth season of My Hero Academia with "All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A". It seems like it was so long ago that we saw Endeavor take the Number 1 spot and defeat the Nomu alongside Hawks on National TV. I was anxiously awaiting this day and man, it felt like home. Like an old friend returning with a very warm hug after a long day. The episode starts with our heroes-in-training from Class 1-A raving about Endeavor and how cool he is as well as Hawks after defeating that Nomu. As they are discussing their heroic feats Eraserhead comes in and informs them of their task for the day: an emergency drill. It seems fake villains have invaded the UA and Class 1-A is to be assembled on the grounds. We suddenly see how much the students have grown and how fast they divide into teams to assess the situation, scout, and save any possible victims. They all do a great job working as a team trying to do damage control.

My Hero Academia
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We shortly realize the only victim is Mirio and the villains are Hado and Amajiki. Once they realize the dangers they all struggle to want to help their friends and stay in position. However, after Amajiki promises to stay in character as a villain in order to help them become better heroes, Class 1-A gets the best of Hado and almost got Amajiki too, but Deku refused to hit him. Amajiki then takes the lead, but Bakugo and Red Riot come to the rescue finally capturing him as well and ending the drill right there. As always though, Bakugo's anger takes the lead and he states Amajiki is still an enemy, so he fires. Eraserhead then summons him to the lounge.

It was a fun way to get us back into the universe and the animation was on point as well. However, it was not all filler as we see Endeavor in the hospital remembering the aftermath of the battle with the Nomu. We see him and Hawks talking as Dabi makes his way to them. We do not get to see if anything happened afterward as it cuts to Endeavor back in bed. Clearly, there is much more than we thought going on behind the scenes as we see Dabi meeting with Hawks at what looks like a very shady hide-out. Is Hawks working with the enemy? I cannot wait to see what this season of My Hero Academia has in store for us. I also hope we get to see more of Class 1-B this season, I love that the intro features them as so much Shinso.

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