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vagrant queen

"Vagrant Queen": SYFY Series Pilot Available Free – Right Here! [VIDEO]

SYFY's 10-episode space-faring series Vagrant Queen set sail for the stars Friday night, but there might be a chance you were a little too busy this week to catch the premiere. If you're like us, you've been adjusting to working strictly from home while under a banner of social distancing and self-quarantining – so "free […]

"Motherland: Fort Salem" Opener Casts Promising, Flawed Spell [REVIEW]

As first episodes go, Freeform's Motherland: Fort Salem did a strong job of meeting season-starting expectations. It set the series' tone and introduced us to our main characters without having to beat us over the head with their pasts. It grabbed my attention and kept me watching. By the time the hour passed, I was […]

"Better Call Saul" Season 5 "Magic Man": Life, Death & Rebirth [SPOILER REVIEW]

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's Better Call Saul came smooth-talking its way back to AMC on Sunday night with "Magic Man", the first of its two-part premiere event (with "50% Off" airing Monday night in its regular timeslot) – and it felt like easing into a warm, inviting bath. If that bath was filled with crystal meth, […]


"Kidding" Season 2: Jeff Could Have It All Back – Just Requires A Lie [PROMO]

Showtime's second season of Jim Carrey, Michel Gondry, and Dave Holstein's award-winning and critically-acclaimed series Kidding is set to debut on Sunday, February 9 (paired with the final season of Homeland) – and it couldn't come at more important time for Carrey's Jeff Pickles. The two-episode season-opener "The Cleanest Liver in Columbus, Ohio" / "Up, […]


"Wynonna Earp" Season 4: Emily Andras Shares Episode #401 Title, Writer

Fans of SYFY's Wynonna Earp thought they would be holster-deep in rumors and speculation about the fan-favorite series' fourth season at this point (having processed early on that they weren't getting a new season in 2019). Well, they definitely have – but for all the wrong reasons. Though the fourth season pick-up was announced in July 2018, […]