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"My Hero Academia" Season 4 "Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part": Bakugo, Gentle Criminal & Midori/All Might Moment Highlight Slow, Steady Ep [SPOILER REVIEW]

On My Hero Academia "Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part", we get to see Class 1-A put together the plans for the school festival. While the vibe is amazing and it is nice to see them back in the school setting, not much really happened in the episode. At least it moved surprisingly fast, feeling like it was only ten minutes long.

There is something very soothing about being back in the UA setting with Class 1-A. Their energy as a group is pretty contagious, seemingly flowing out through the screen at times They continue to push each other to do better and make sure to always remind their peers of their strengths. It is wonderfully inspiring, and continuously makes me wish every school or work setting was like their world.

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I am very much appreciating the new perspective we are getting: a look into what the student body thinks about Class 1-A – and how they really feel about them. While I am not always keen on Bakugo and his constant state of rage, I feel like we finally got a glimpse at the real him in this episode. I actually understood why he told the rest of the Class about this—they always seem oblivious to the constant threats that follow them around constantly.

So… Jiro and her singing, eh? I was so happy she finally got a moment to shine. Her character does not have flashy powers, so she always seems to be in the background. Thankfully, our heroes-in-training are paying attention and it was both sweet and empowering to see them still keep her in the loop – even when she keeps to herself. More proof of the love and respect they hold for one another.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia / Funimation

Once again, we take a little step back from Deku and get to enjoy the rest of the cast. I loved the little details… especially how badly Deku and Aoyama seemed to be when it came to dancing. However, we do get a little taste of All Might and Deku One-For-All action.

Deku gets a chance to sit with All Might and express his concerns. He thinks he might have reached a level he cannot surpass anymore without hurting himself. All Might simply asks him to put on his training suit, taking his young protege outside to give him great pointers on how to better control his power.

We also get to see Gentle Criminal and La Brava again. He must be the most endearing criminal we have seen from My Hero Academia so far—and his interactions with La Brava are adorable. She truly sounds like a huge fan and reminded me of a lovable Misa (Death Note).

My Hero Academia

While messed up, I liked their concept of pulling heists on YouTube. It also seems they have been doing this for quite some time… 6 years? Pretty impressive that they haven't got caught yet – and has me worried about what he has planned for the School Festival. I mean, the moment they said Eri could go to have a nice time? We saw stress coming from a mile away.

I am really looking forward to the School Festival – and even more excited to see the show that Class 1-A presenst and how their different talents can come together. Personally, I think Mirio and Eri are due for a little break – though I am pretty sure that is not in the cards for them.

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