"My Hero Academia" Season 4: "The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A" Proves Welcome Return [SPOILER REVIEW]

Funimation's My Hero Academia season 4 premiered this weekend, and it definitely did not disappoint – serving as an effective "welcome back" to the series for viewers.

I am usually a fan of the transitions between seasons and arcs but can be cautious with how they're handled – but no worries this with "The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A". I loved the tone this first episode set for this upcoming season. It was an excellent way to recap the previous story as well as update viewers on our characters' traits and growth via a different angle: The Media.

my hero academia

The episode centers around a newspaper team trying to find a different angle in covering everyone's favorite subject and hero: All Might. With it comes reporter Taneo Tokuda, who instead of focusing on the past and what came with it decides it is much more important to focus on All Might's last words after his fight with All For One: "Now it's your turn". He deduces that All Might is not really talking to the rest of the villains, but rather to a successor. Tokuda has a hunch this person is from Class 1-A.

With that idea in mind, he gets a pass to monitor a day in the life of our favorite pro-heroes in training, Class 1-A. His powers of deduction were on point and he is set that Deku will be the student who is set to be the next "Symbol of Peace" in the wake of All Might's retirement. After watching a brief exchange between Deku and All Might, he decides to approach the boy and tells him the real purpose of his visit to U.A. It was an incredibly beautiful scene that did not need a lot of build-up or big, lofy speeches.

It was one man's search for hope and then finding that hope in a kid… Deku.

The conversation between Tokuda and Deku was not what I expected. I mean, how many times has the League of Villains attacked Class 1-A from some previously-unseen direction? But this was about two people seeking comfort over All Might's retirement while also finding hope and encouragement in each other's words. I loved the ending: before leaving, Tokuda takes Deku by surprise by taking a selfie with the boy – telling Deku that he will be saving it for when he writes a book about him being the next "Symbol of Peace".

my hero academia

I am not going to lie, the fourth season opener of My Hero Academia gave me the "warm fuzzies" and got me a little teary toward the end. Along with that, it also eased viewers back into the show's universe by not throwing too much at us too soon, while still being a relevant episode.

I can imagine it must not be easy to suddenly find yourself with a quirk after feeling powerless most of your life, – and then having to live up to all the expectations that come with being All Might's successor. This episode really set a great tone for this season, and I am looking forward to more Overhaul next week.