My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 9 "Early Bird" Review: Bakugo Shines

Bakugo gets his time to shine on "Early Bird", this week's episode of My Hero Academia, showing everyone how much he is changing. I have been praying for a little redeeming arc for this explosive dude and I am crossing my fingers this means we are about to get one. This was the strongest episode so far and it was so good it felt like it flew by. Match 4 definitely made Class 1-A look great and we all have Bakugo to thank.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia (Image: Screencap)

Let me first say, I was going to write a post confessing my views on Bakugo might have started changing since last week's episode. Plus, I got to watch the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie and I am so sad it took me so long. My opinion on Bakugo changed even more. Just in case no one knows: I do not like Bakugo. I consider him a bully and quite frankly often question why Deku keeps considering him a friend… and Kirishima as well for that matter. I enjoyed the movie and gave Bakugo the perfect start for a change in my eyes.

So now that the confession is out of the way we can move on to Round 4 of the group combat training. In Class 1-A we have Team Bakugo along with Jiro, Sero, and Sato. In Class 1-B we had Team Setsuna, along with Yosetsu, Togari, and Kojiro. It was both: the best battle and the shortest. Oddly enough Bakugo has adapted to his new motto and saving others is now part of his win. Despite internally wanting to show off to Deku, Bakugo got to the team with his words while planning their attack, and got them to work along with him while saving one another. I feel both Classes as spectators were our voice within the show. It was so nice to see Bakugo working with a team and earning their trust.

The round lasted no more than 5 minutes and Class 1-A earned a clean victory, none of their members got taken to jail and they managed to capture the opposing team. Of course, everyone seemed to be as shocked as I was and I loved every single minute of it. I know I tend to have a thing for tsundere bois, so I hope Bakugo crosses into my line of loving soon. I am here for all the angry loving bois who cannot quite express their love so they just rather fume. I cannot wait for the next episode of My Hero Academia and finally seeing Deku go against Shinso once again. It is bound to be exciting, and according to the previews something weird happens with Deku's powers, so what will be up with that. I need all the answers now!

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