My Hero Academia Season 5 Operation New Improv Moves Review: Slow Roll

Tokoyami shows off some new moves on this week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Operation New Improv Moves!". Joint training is still in motion and it is time for the second team of Class 1-A and 1-B to face each other. It was not the heaviest action-wise, but it does a good job in re-introducing us to characters, their abilities, and showing us how far they have come in their first year so far after starting from the bottom.

My Hero Academia
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The episode started off with Aizawa talking to the first team of Class 1-A after their win. They discussed their weakest points and what to work on, and it was my favorite part of the episode hands down. I always appreciate the episodes where Aizawa gets to evaluate his students and provide some insight. I think they have always done a good job in portraying him as a helpful sensei to Class 1-A despite being so strict. I have something for this type, Aizawa is right there on my husbando shrine along with Kakashi, Gojo, Iruka, and Jiraya. Why are all these sensei so precious?

Anyway, after getting a short break to regroup, it is class for the next teams to face each other and I am very excited we finally get to see more into Class 1-B and their hero sides. I must also add, something I have always liked about My Hero Academia is the extended cast- they do a great job in building up the cast so they all get their moment to shine. The supporting cast around Deku is just as likable- in some cases, we can argue even more so and fleshed out while having their own personality quirks.

And ready for Round Two, we have on Class 1-A: Momo, Toru, Tokoyami, and Yuga. On Class 1-B: Itsuka, Shihai, Manga, and Kinoko. The battle starts off and Class 1-A immediately goes after the Team from 1-B. Tokoyami's Dark Shadow finds them, however, and things go south as soon as the Dark Shadow starts being controlled by Shihai's quirk. In between battles, we get flashbacks from when Tokoyami worked under Hawks and how tough it was for him at first until he started pushing past his boundaries of comfort. We see how much he learned under Hawks and shows his new technique during his fight against Shihai. Though he manages to save Yuga, things do not exactly get better.

It seems Team Itsuka seems to be several steps ahead and Momo and Toru now have mushrooms sprouting all over their bodies. Reminded me of that episode of Naruto Shippuden with the moldy mushroom growing everywhere. I think we will be seeing just how strong Class 1-B has managed to get and how much they have grown into their roles and powers. I am curious how Class 1-A will take this sudden shift and how much things will go between both classes after this experience. For once, I am rooting for Class 1-B and looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves.

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