NXT 7/22/20 Part 1 – A Very Special Announcement About Keith Lee

After an incredible episode of AEW Dynamite, NXT has a lot to compete with. The Wednesday Night Wars battle continues with part 1 of our WWE NXT report.

The official logo for NXT.
The official logo for NXT.

NXT 7/22/2020 Part 1

NXT starts with a video promo from William Regal. He talks up Keith Lee's NXT Championship win and passes the proverbial mic to Lee. Lee says he knows how hard people work just to get to NXT. He talks about his own journey. Becoming North American Champion. Then becoming NXT Champion. Life is about making the most of opportunities. He doesn't want to be a limiting factor on other people's opportunities. He'll defend the NXT Championship as much as he can, but he's relinquishing the North American Championship. It's a tough decision, but he wants others to get the same opportunities as him. He wants as many people as possible to have the opportunity to win it. Regal loves the idea. Starting tonight, there will be a series of triple threat qualifying matches. The winners will advance to NXT Takeover in August for a ladder match to crown the new champ.

Dexter Lumis vs. Killian Dane

Dexter Lumis comes to the ring, followed by Killian Dane. Robert Stone set this match up at Dane's request.They lock up and Dane takes down Lumis with some shoulder tackles, but Lumis gets creepy and freaks him out. Dane shakes it off and Irish whips Lumis, who slides out of the ring. Dane follows, and Lumis slides back in and gets creepy again. Lumis comes out and they brawl at ringside. By brawl, I guess I mean Dane kicks the crap out of Lumis. He brings Lumis inside and hits a guillotine leg drop and NXT goes to commercials.

Dane is still in control after the break, but Lumis starts to enjoy the beating. That just makes Dane madder. He kicks Lumis in the face and takes off his shirt. He charges and Lumis hits a spinebuster. Lumis hits some punches and a Lou Thez press. Then a clothesline in the corner into a bulldog. He hits a belly-to-back suplex and a leg drop and gets a two-count. Lumis tries a diving senton but misses. Dane hits a dropkick, sending Lumis into the corner, then a cannonball. He hits a powerbomb and an elbow drop and gets a two-count. Lumis fights back. He dodges another powerbomb. Dane slips Lumis out to the apron. They climb the turnbuckles. Lumis pushes Dane down and hits the diving senton. He puts his submission finisher on Dane. Dane passes out and Lumis gets the win. He mugs for the camera.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Roderick Strong about the future of the Undisputed Era. STrong says Keith Lee never gave him a rematch for the North American championship. Bronson Reed interrupts and says Undisputed Era has had enough chances. Now it's his turn. Johnny Gargano interrupts and says he's the one winning the championship. Reed says he's going All Out. My god! Bronson Reed is joining AEW?! They'll be in a three-way later. Dakota Kai challenges Io Shirai to a championship match in a pre-recorded video. NXT goes to commercials.

Breezango vs. Ever Rise

Ever Rise come to the ring. Never heard of these guys. Their gimmick appears to be that they're Canadians. Also, they've apparently been a tag team for fifteen years. Breezango come out to The Mountie's theme song in Mountie cosplay. Tyler Breeze and… one of these guys starts things off. You know what, this match isn't gonna be all that exciting. Let's check Wikipedia…

Okay, so apparently these guys got their start in Montreal and then had a long run at Chikara, where they were called 2.0. They've been with WWE for a while, but have worked mostly as jobbers. They got their first win on an episode of 205 Live in June against some other jobbers, Leon Ruff and Adrian Alanis. Well, now we know. Tyler Breeze gets the pinfall on… one of them. The best part of the match, judging by the replays, was Fandango doing the Mountie Dive to the outside.

Dominic Daijakovic cuts a promo on Karrion Kross. He claims he's going to win their match. Hahahahaha. Well, maybe if he uses a top shirt button, Kross's biggest weakness. NXT goes to commercials.

Aliyah vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Aliyah comes out after the break with Robert Stone. Stone is wearing a cast from getting run over by a tank two weeks ago. Aliyah is facing Shotzi Blackheart. She drives her tank into the steel stairs Stone is standing on, sending him running. The match starts with a couple of dodged kicks and Blackheart takes Aliyah down. She hits a legdrop into Aliyah's vagina (the female version of Jeff Hardy's leg drop to the balls), then a reverse senton against the works. Blackheart goes outside to talk trash to Stone and Aliyah hits a bulldog off the apron. Aliyah gets some offense in the ring as Stone yells at Blackheart. Aliyah hits a snap suplex and rolls over into a Northern lights suplex. She puts Blackheart in the camel clutch.

Blackheart reverses out of the move and takes control. She hits a splash in the corner and a bulldog. She hits the switchblade kick and gets a two-count. Aliyah rolls up Blackheart and uses the ropes for leverage, but Blackheart sees it. Blackheart hits a jump up enziguri and a suplex, then goes to the top. Robert Stone gets up on the apron and Blackheart gives him a big boot. She goes up top and hits a diving senton. That gets the win. Blackheart runs over Stone's other leg with the tank after the match, but Mercedez Martinez attacks her out of nowhere. Martinez stares down stone and Aliyah then leaves. NXT goes to commercials. We'll continue this in part 2 of our report.



This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars 7/22/2020.

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