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Kane Explains How A Bad Wig Destroyed The "Imposter Kane" Angle
 The whole gimmick was killed the night after on Raw, with virtually no reasoning for what had happened and who the fake Kane was and now we finally have an explanation for what exactly happened. The imposter Kane facing-off with the real Kane on the May 29, 2006 episode of Raw, courtesy of WWE. Now we all[...]
Super7 Ultimates Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson Up For Order Now
Indie wrestling favs Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are the latest wrestling figures to be revealed for the Super7 Ultimates line Following a pair of Andre the Giant figures, two revealed waves of NJPW figures, and Matt Cardona and Brian Myers figures, The Good Brothers get their due Each will comes with tons of articulation,[...]
The redemption of Jeff Hardy — Tamara Sytch (@WWEHOFerSunny) April 26, 2020 Doc Gallows has taken precautions to make sure WWE doesn't try to trademark his Southpaw Regional Wrestling character, Sex Ferguson (censored to Tex Ferguson on SRW) Gallows used the character before WWE, but that hasn't stopped WWE from trademarking names before, so it's a good move on his part[...]
Matt Hardy and Zack Ryder reveals news of the WWE Internet Championship: Network Pick of the Week
On Twitter, former OC member Karl Anderson revealed what he wants he and his tag team partner Doc Gallows to do now that they've been laid off by WWE Apparently, Anderson wants to have a triple threat match with the Young Bucks and the Revolt But where could that take place? #Young Bucks vs #FTR vs[...]