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Own A Piece of Dragon Ball Z History With This Gohan Production Cel

Looking back at Dragon Ball Z, Gohan is every bit as much the protagonist as Goku. There were so many times when Goku was away, either dead and training or in space in training or sick or dead again and training, that Gohan became the de facto focus of the narrative. It began during The Saiyan Saga, the inaugural storyline of Dragon Ball Z, that Gohan was introduced and his importance slowly became known to the fans. From the moment that Gohan had his first outburst and his power spiked, soaring above that of even Goku and Piccolo at the peak of his rage, it became clear that Akira Toriyama was leading toward something. That something would later pay off when Gohan saved the world as the only Z-Fighter strong enough to defeat Cell. Let's celebrate all things Dragon Ball Z by checking out this original production cel from the making of the anime.

Dragon Ball Z Gohan Production Cel. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Dragon Ball Z Gohan Production Cel. Credit: Heritage Auctions

You can see the full cel here:

Dragon Ball Z Gohan Production Cel. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Dragon Ball Z Gohan Production Cel. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Here's what the Heritage listing has to say:

Dragon Ball Z Gohan Production Cel (Toei Animation, 1989).

Gohan sleeps after his first day of Piccolo's harsh training, in this sensational cel from Dragon Ball Z. Before Dying, Raditz, Goku's brother, tells them about the Saiyans coming to avenge his death. With Goku death from holding Raditz so Piccolo could defeat him, Piccolo believes that Gohan may have great fighting potential from being Goku's son. The first part of the training has Gohan surviving by himself in the wilderness, and at the 3:53 mark of the 8th episode, we get this adorable image of Gohan with tears in his eyes, getting some rest before another hard day of training, presented on a printed background for presentation purposes. Gohan measures a fabulous image size of 9.75" x 7.5" hand-painted on the 12 field sized production cel, numbered A7 in the top right corner.

Heritage notes that the linework shows some fading lines, specifically calling out that the middle peg hole of the cel has some very small tears. There is very light handling wear from production all through the lot, which is marked to be in "Very Good" condition.

You can now head over to Heritage Auctions to bid for this nostalgic Dragon Ball Z production cel.

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