Ryback on Adam Pearce: "The Perfect Cuck Extension of Vince McMahon"

Former WWE Superstar turned supplement salesman Ryback appears to have tuned into WWE Smackdown last night, because he had some choice commentary and constructive feedback on the show for WWE. Ryback started by discussing how his former WWE co-workers have gray hair while he has none. Of course, Ryback has a completely shaved head. He also called Adam Pearce a cuck, just as he has called Vince McMahon a cuck in the past.

But the former Scrap Daddy wasn't the only target of The Big Guy's ire. He also took aim at WWE performer Mansoor and the Smackdown product in general, tweeting:

Ryback also chimed in on the ways WWE holds its talent back. For years, he has claimed that WWE has colluded with Twitter to prevent his account from being verified and keep the reach of his tweets artificially low. Now, he says that WWE does the same thing live and in-person by messing with the sound design during their entrance and promos.

Ryback also commented on the long-known way that Vince McMahon passes feedback to his commentary team: by shouting into their headphones. According to Ryback, McMahon never pulled that kind of bunk with him because he was afraid Ryback would beat him up.

Some people might get tired of reading Ryback trashing WWE on Twitter… but we have only one thing to say about it: feed us more!

Screencap from "It's Feeding Time for Ryback: A Special Look at The Big Guy."
Screencap from "It's Feeding Time for Ryback: A Special Look at The Big Guy."

Of the tweets, we mean. Not the supplements that Ryback claims prevent COVID. Just to be clear.

UPDATE: Mansoor has fired back at The Big Guy.

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