Seth MacFarlane Offers Update on The Orville Season 3 Production

Seth MacFarlane aka "Mr. Don't Tell Me I Have Too Many Shows" appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to provide an update for his multitude of shows from, Hulu's The Orville to FOX's Family Guy and American Dad. As is now standard in the late-night television landscape during quarantine, Jimmy Fallon conducted the interview remotely from his home in a video conference with MacFarlane at his home. The host asked to set the scene as to what happened on the set of The Orville as productions shut down all over Hollywood. "We were in the middle of shooting an episode of The Orville," MacFarlane said. "When this thing airs at long last, whenever that is, you're gonna [see]…One episode is going to be such that you're going to have between one scene to the next: people are suddenly going to gain 20 pounds and have, like, long white beards."

The Orville: Seth MacFarlane Updates Status on Season Three
Seth MacFarlane talks about the status of The Orville season 3 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Image Courtesy of NBCUniversal

Fallon congratulated MacFarlane on The Orville's 100 percent rating for its second season on Rotten Tomatoes. He followed asking what the status of season three. "It depends on when we get back to work," MacFarlane said. "It depends on what conditions we get back to work. So it's…yeah, it's all…I mean, it's what [it is]. We've shot about half the season. It's looking amazing. I mean. We're basically going to be delivering people a little movie every week." Fallon asked how he juggles working on three shows and the obstacles he encounters given the current times. "One of my writing partners on Family Guy said to me, 'I'm coming to the realization is that this is what I always wanted: an excuse never to leave the house," MacFarlane joked.

"The biggest issue for you as I look ahead to what's next: When you're writing characters, it's hard to predict how people are going to behave. Like, 'Jim shakes hands with Bob.' Is that going to happen again? You're writing to what the world is now. That's the biggest challenge to me." The Orville is available to stream on Hulu. MacFarlane hosts the At-Home Variety Show available on the NBC Universal streamer Peacock. Check out the interview below.

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