SNL: The Secret Service Did Investigate John Mulaney Over Trump Joke

Back in December 2020, we checked in on actor/comedian/writer John Mulaney's (Late Night With Seth Meyers) interview with Jimmy Kimmel during Kimmel's late-night talk show where he revealed that the Secret Service took a bit of an interest in a Donald Trump joke he told during an opening monologue on NBC's Saturday Night Live earlier that year. In fact, so much so that they even opened a formal investigation. Well, it looks like he wasn't kidding because the Secret Service released a 27-page file on the SNL joke (which Rolling Stone obtained) that tags the incident as "inappropriate behavior." The agency's investigation was opened on March 1, 2020, with the report noting that Mulaney "made inappropriate statements regarding President Trump on 'Saturday Night Live.'"

John Mulaney Monologue - SNL
John Mulaney Monologue – SNL (Image: NBCU)

"On 3/1/20 … [it was] discovered that a monologue performed by John Mulaney on a 'Saturday Night Live' was gaining considerable social media attention," the report continued. While admitting that "no direct threats were made," the agency was concerned that "due to the popularity, it is likely concerned citizens will report this." Reportedly on March 2nd, the Secret Service contacted Thomas McCarthy, Global Chief Security Officer for NBCUniversal to "express the agency's desire to discuss the aforementioned incident with attorneys for Mulaney"

Mulaney confessed during his interview with Kimmel that it was pretty cool knowing he had a file with the feds- now. "I guess they opened a file on me because of the joke, and I have to say, am I stoked there's a file open on me? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it in the moment? Not so much," he explained. Thankfully, things worked out for the actor/comedian. Though the Secret Service report did not list Mulaney as being interviewed directly, Mulaney had a different account on the talk show. "The person vetting me was very understanding that the joke had nothing to do with Donald Trump. It was an elliptical reference to him. I didn't say anything about him."

Here's a look at the SNL joke he made about Leap Year, Julius Caesar, and the interesting correlation to today's political world: "Leap Year began in the year 45 B.C. under Julius Caesar. This is true. He started the Leap Year in order to correct the calendar and we still do it to this day. Another thing that happened under Julius Caesar was he was such a powerful maniac that all the senators grabbed knives and they stabbed him to death. That'd be an interesting thing if we brought that back now. I asked my lawyer if I could make that joke and he said, 'Lemme call another lawyer.' And that lawyer said yes." Recently, Mulaney checked into a rehab facility in Pennsylvania for alcohol and drug abuse.

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